“A Life Full Circle”

Ciao Amica Mia,

Phew! It’s been a week.
I’m sorry if it seems I’m a bit maudlin lately. But life will have its way with you no matter how many daily affirmations you recite.
This past Monday, my dear friend and student, Arthur Weinfeld, passed. He left this world on his 82nd birthday. What a beautiful testimony to the circle of a life well lived. What power in that. And I believe, choice.
Arthur was a brilliant, talented man and an incredible human. Many of you have met him through the years and knew that I fondly called him my Amazing, Amusing Arthur. Yes, with capital A’s!
In the span of a minute Arthur could push every button you had and hit on a few you never knew about. Make you belly laugh with pure joy. And inspire you with his words, music and generous kind heart. Arthur loved people and life with a fervor.
What I realized about this complex man was that underneath his charismatic and sometimes exasperating exterior was a child-like innocent, plainly and simply wanting to be loved. To be seen. To be heard. To know that he mattered.
And as the sun sets on the day isn’t that what we are all wanting?
You may remember that not long ago I wrote about him in Sacred Sunday and shared the interview I conducted with him.
I’m incredibly grateful for having shared that special time speaking with Arthur. One of his gifts was his ability to be forthright and candid. Arthur and I spoke of his declining health, his courage and tenacity in spite of his growing fear, his relationships and of course his definition of legacy.
Whether you’ve listened to our conversation before or not, I urge you to sit with a cup of tea or put your headphones on and take a walk and listen more deeply to the wisdom that my friend Arthur shares so effortlessly. 

(scrolldown to Radio Show #11) 

May your spirit now be free to roam unencumbered
Travel to distant shores of Love your soul was seeking
And rest peacefully in the ever-present awareness
That you mattered greatly 

With so much love and appreciation~~
Xoxo, Paulette

P.S. One opening remains for private coaching with me.


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