I Have A Confession…

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:
I have a confession to make…I’ve been feeling a bit cranky lately.
The heat wave we’re experiencing instead of cool Pacific Northwest temperatures, poor air quality because of the many fires, ash falling from the sky when what we really need is rain, has admittedly ignited my inner sassy nasty.
Plus, the completion of our new home has been delayed yet again due to the fallout of the pandemic.
I’m irritated with just about everything and I’m short with my husband, and I’m sure not referring to my height!
Then I came across this question, “Why would I choose me as my best friend?”
And bam! Instantly I realized that this past week, given the choice, I would NOT choose me as my best friend.
That was a bit of a slap upside my own head.
Now we all have bad days. Bad weeks. And even bad years. So, I decided to cut myself some slack, be kind to my pouty little girl, compassionate even.
And then of course apologize to my husband for being a pain in the butt to live with these past several days.
Also, I most definitely needed to get back to the business of self-coaching.
Do you remember the BREAKaway Rubric I introduced to you months ago? (I’ve posted the free offerings link for you at the bottom of this missive. In the free resource library, you’ll find a short video explanation and a PDF of the BREAKaway model.)
And let me just say, the model works!
I used the rubric on a couple of negative thoughts that were leading me down the ruminating rabbit hole.
Straight up, working with the model helped me regain my center.
I faced the false belief that was leading me astray, acknowledged self-limiting thoughts, felt the uncomfortable emotions evoked, took authorship and positive action, then walked what felt like a ton load of crap out of my body.
Honestly, I feel a hell of a lot lighter, more centered, and more grounded in my legacy and true self.
So, my love, I’m handing you the hot potato, encouraging you to ask yourself the same question, “Why would I choose me as my best friend?”
It’s a juicy, messy and oh so rich self-inquiry!
Now, 1️…2…3…go. And oh, don’t forget to have fun diving in.
Reach out if you need some support my friend. I love this work!

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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