Let’s Change The Narrative

Ciao Amica Mia,

Recently I’ve been contemplating the quality of Humility, what it means to embody it, and how humility feels inside my heart.

One of the definitions of humility, from an online dictionary states: “modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank, etc.”

I believe that for many in our Western culture and our predominantly over-achieving society, we perceive humility as a negative.

The thought process goes something like, if you’re humble, you’re meek. If you’re meek, you’re weak. If you’re weak then you’re a burden, and on you go.

In the Sufi tradition the quality of humility is considered a Divine virtue. In some respect that teaching feels similar to first principle in Anusara® yoga. “Open to Grace and Set the Foundation.”

From a tantric yoga perspective, the physical and energetic action of “Open to Grace” is a softening. Of your body and personality – your ego. It’s a letting go if only for a few moments, of self-identification as you.

Physically it’s as if the protective wall you’ve built, and the round and hard edges of your body reorganizes. With a thin gossamer veil now holding up your muscular and skeletal system.

This alteration creates a permeable shield that allows grace to flow in and through you. The fundamental principle, Open to Grace, is also associated with the quality of humility. It’s the energetic and physical act of bowing in deference to something beyond and greater than the limitations of the ego.

Just imagine for a moment when you slightly bow in giving a nod of greeting. Whether conscious or not, this action is a demonstration of respect.

Humility is not a sign of weakness. Think Mother Teresa and Mahatma Ghandi. Humility is in fact a sign of strength. And a willingness to develop. When you align with something “more” than your finite self, when you open to grace, you exponentially expand your awareness.

Humility knows that it doesn’t know all there is. Humility understands that in order to grow you must step out your comfort zone and explore new horizons. Humility is willing to risk looking the fool. Stumble. And perhaps even fall face down in the dirt. Humility trusts that grace will somehow, someway, reach out Her hand and lead the way back home to the Self.

Let’s change the narrative around this most valuable quality. On this Sacred Sunday please join me in receiving three deep nourishing breaths. Round into your back body and draw your navel in and up. Receive another breath. Now sit tall and regal as you lean slightly back. Close your eyes. And request, “may I cultivate the virtue of humility, so that I may be more present to the possibilities that life offers me.”

With love and appreciation, Xoxo Paulette

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