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Don’t Run Away

Dear Friends,

Fall has arrived in Arizona! Just when I was ready to pack up the RV and once again run from the heat the heavens opened up, drenched us with cleansing waters and brought about a much-needed sense of relief.

As I begin to reflect back on the year thus far I am in awe of how grace has held me. Descending down into the depths of sadness from the loss of my mom, not to mention the devastating state of the world, through it all love surrounds me.

Walking the path that is yoga, and with the support of many friends, I have slowly climbed up out of the grief pit to engage once more with life.

There have been moments, hours, days, weeks that I’ve seriously considered stepping fully away from my business and work. To retreat into a sweet comfortable life with my husband of over 35 years, our inherited 12-year-old Chihuahua, and roam the country in our motorhome.

With the death of my dear mother I’m more aware of my own mortality and the fragility of this precious life. Like it or not, I am in what my friend Desiree’ Rumbaugh calls, the Wisdom years. And with that acceptance I also feel a sense of responsibility.

In these troublesome times, it is even more essential that we women, women of all ages and walks of life, stand fully in our magnetic presence in order to have our voices heard.

I will indeed take time to step away, recharge and strengthen my inner core, as I urge you all to do. And, I will not walk away from my work. However, I will attempt to find the middle path. Which unfortunately is not as wide as the yellow brick road, but a thin precarious high-wire.

I also urge you to ask yourself, “what is my personal middle path? How is my voice heard? How is it silenced? How do I hide? How do I let myself be seen?”

Percolate these questions in your meditation, on your mat, a hike, or in conversation with a trusted friend. I’d love to hear from you so please take a moment to comment and send me your thoughts.

Margaret Mead said, “There is no greater power in the world than the zest of a post-menopausal woman.”

So, let’s stand with our younger sisters and fan the flame of truth that burns in the womb of all women.

With love,

A few announcements:

I’m honored to share that, The BreakAway Girl-Secrets of a Tantric Yogi, has been nominated for book cover of the month. Your votes are appreciated, and you can vote every 4 days. (I know it’s a little obnoxious.) Please click the link below. Cover photo credits and appreciation go to Kimberly Auxier Garofolo.

Plus, stay tuned for a free online book discussion group coming January 2019.

PB-TV, an educational internet program featuring me, and guest speakers discussing women-centric topics that are informative and inspirational will be launching soon.

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