I Feel So Full

Ciao Amica Mia,

I hope your week was filled with joy, beauty and the capacity to meet “whatever showed up on your plate for lunch,” as Pema Chodrin says.

Last Sunday I was gathered in circle with the most amazing women ranging in ages from 18 to soon to be 82!

I want you to just for a moment imagine the energy of this group. It was palpable!

Hence, why I’m feeling FULL! Not full like when you’ve eaten too much stuffing at Thanksgiving. Or in my case, one too many biscotti.

Full in the sense of being filled up with joy. The feeling you experience in your heart after a job well done.

You know…when you’ve worked hard and instead of feeling drained or depleted, you’re renewed and energized. Because the work is meaningful to you and rewarding.

In the tantric yoga world, we call this feeling Purnatva or Purna. Sanskrit words, as I’ve mentioned before, are finely layered.

Purna also means perfection. Purnatva is not the perfection you see when walking into a model home that’s staged and unreal, absent of life force energy.

It’s the perfection you feel when you’ve put your whole heart into something. You accept that there may be room for improvement. Yet, you feel satisfaction that you’ve showed up – warts and all and still it was good! The transmission was pure, and grace filled.

Purna is also nourishment on all levels.

I believe these strong, smart, breakaway women did the inner work. They committed to taking a deep dive and left feeling full. And I committed to going right there with them.

While the weekend was a working weekend for me, I too feel nourished. My cup is full. And my heart is filled with gratitude and joy.

I’m curious, when you yourself practice bhavana or contemplation, self-reflection, and spiritual practices do you feel full? Do you feel nourished and refreshed? Energized and inspired?

Or do you feel diminished? Frustrated? Even sad?

If so, I encourage you to relook at how you’re approaching the work and practices you’re engaged in. I invite you to look at how you’re being guided and instructed. Perhaps it’s time to make a shift.

Don’t misunderstand me, authentic inner work will bring up different emotions. That’s a good thing. However, with the right guidance you’ll be able to come out the other side. The side of satisfaction and a job well done. Filled with not only strategies to continue the work, but also filled with a renewed self of Self.

So, on this Sacred Sunday I urge you to take a little time for you and percolate the questions above.

Take time to nourish yourself. Then revel in a job well done. And commit to continuing your inner work. It’s the way of a tantric yogi after all.

Xoxo, Paulette

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