Transformational Coaching Services

Transformational Coaching Services

“Coaching helps you to take responsibility for your life, let go of what others think and become your true self. It’s about creating the life that you want and deserve.”           Emma-Louise Elsey

Sage Wisdom Intensive Session

1-hour Sage Wisdom Intensive Session:

This 1-hour Intensive Session is designed to provide targeted support on a specific topic or challenge that matters most to you. Whether you’re seeking guidance on career transitions, relationships or personal empowerment, we’ll dive deep into the heart of the matter. Expect personalized strategies, profound insights and actionable steps to help you navigate your unique journey with clarity and purpose.

Package of 3, 1-hour Intensive Sessions

If you’re not ready for a 3-month commitment, and need more than one session, a package of 3, 1-hour Intensive Sessions is ideal.

Sage Sanctuary Deluxe Coaching Experience

3-Month Transformative Experience:

The 3-month Deluxe Immersive Experience invites you to reclaim and trust your wisdom, ignite your potential and author the next empowering chapter of your life. Through a series of one-on-one sessions, personalized guidance and transformative exercises, we’ll navigate your path together. This journey is an opportunity to deepen your connection with your inner sage, rewrite your story and step boldly into your best years ever. Join me in embracing mid-life and beyond with purpose and vitality.