About Me

B.A. Transpersonal Psychology, Integrative Certified Coach, Writer

Hello Friend,  I’m so happy you found me. Are you ready to take authorship of your life?

Empowering Through Coaching: As a professional coach, I empower you to face and move through your fears, trust your inner wisdom and live authentically.

The Power of Story: As a writer, I guide you in crafting stories of radical self-actualization, triumph and legacy.

Yoga and Reflection: With a background in Yogaasana, philosophy, psychology, myth and meditation, I use these practices so you can reflect your inner truth and boldly own your whole imperfect self.

“When we deny our stories, they define us. When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending.”

 Brene’ Brown

Glamper Extraordinaire
🦋  Besides being passionate about mentoring, I’m a bona fide ‘glamper’ who enjoys traveling in an RV with my husband and wild Wheaten Terrier.

Expanding My Worldview
🦋  One of the things I love about the road, and visiting other countries, is that it offers many opportunities to expand my worldview and moves me out of my comfort zone.

Connecting with Nature
🦋  Traveling connects me to Nature, my essential nature, the beauty of place, and kindles my curiosity about people, culture and the stories we all want to share.

Sacred Space
🦋  Wherever I place my feet I create sacred space to walk, hike, read, write and be inspired by the Shakti – the Goddess of primal creativity and life-force Herself.

Ingredients for Expansion
🦋  These ingredients remain important for my expansion personally and professionally.

Guiding the Way
🦋  In this new era of vital and Conscious Sage-hood, I believe in the power of the choices we make today to shape our best years.
🦋  My passion for mentoring is matched only by my love for adventure, travel and the exploration of our shared stories.

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