Are We There Yet?

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:
This week in the chronicles of RV life my husband and I experienced a couple of long-haul days.
We learned quickly that when GPS gives you the mileage and the estimated time of arrival, that it doesn’t take into account stopping for fuel, lunch, potty breaks for the dogs, and lest we forget, their two-legged family members.
So, when my ever-optimistic husband/driver tells me it will take about four hours, rest assured it will be at least five. With good weather and road conditions.
Yesterday was one of those days. Now, I don’t want you to get the impression that while my husband is piloting our 40’ home on wheels I’m chilling in the seat next to him – co-piloting is work.
I’m watching for those drivers who seem to be asleep at the wheel or taking out their 2020 pandemic anxiety and frustration on recreational vehicles and deliberately cut you off
Looking for debris on the highway
Praying we don’t drive off narrow, mountainous roads
And monitoring GPS so it doesn’t send us on a wild goose chase, which happens more than you’d think
In general, I’m another set of and🏻
Most days I’m pretty upbeat, focused and encouraging.
However, the other day I admit to feeling tired and wanting nothing more than to be landed in one location for, well, the rest of my life.
About every hour or so I’d blurt, “are we there yet?”
I felt like my child self when my folks packed up my three brothers and me, loaded us up in my dad’s 1966 Coupe de Ville Cadillac to drive 1,360 miles from Chicago Illinois to Ft. Lauderdale Florida.
Often without stopping for the night!
I chuckled at myself because in some ways these recent long ass driving days also reminded me of the early years of my personal and spiritual transformational journey.
I so wanted to “get there.” As if transformation and enlightenment had a quick and final destination.
Sound at all familiar?
At least I knew enough back then that I couldn’t sojourn alone. I needed an experienced guide.
Someone who had walked the path before me
Someone I trusted to support me when I fell down the rabbit hole of self-debasement – ‘cause most definitely that shit was gonna happen
Someone I believed had the capacity to hold the container of alchemy without judgement
Someone whose desire was as strong as my own to face the limitations of my mind
I needed a co-pilot that was totally invested in helping me integrate those parts of me that I disliked, avoided and even feared.
Why? Because I SO wanted to…
✅stop being a victim and ruining my relationships with men
✅stop sabotaging my business and financial success
✅stop being a perfectionist, controlling and judgmental
What you and I have in common is the innate desire to create a life full of juice and meaning.
The great news is, you too CAN achieve your dreams AND make a difference in the world.
Indeed, when you raise your consciousness, you help raise the consciousness of the planet.
How? Just like I did…
⭐️By learning how to meet with your shadow selves, listen to what those talking heads have to say and learn to leverage them to work in your favor – not against you
⭐️By learning how to stop being afraid of every little thing that causes a ripple and instead lean into change – it’s the way to growth and fulfillment
⭐️By learning how to stop numbing yourself with too much wine, sex, exercise or dare I say even meditation – in order to-live the life you know in your heart is yours to live
Learning how-to live-in integrity and coherence with your Legacy Self, your Highest Self, your True Self is the road to freedom.
No matter what stage or age you are in life, becoming all that you can be and showing up in your BRILLIANCE is contributing to the healing of our global family.  
It’s the only way.
“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change…” Mahatma Ghandi

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette
P.S. In case you’re wondering how a few of my clients feel about working with me:
“Teachers are quite abundant; few are as skillful, wise, loving and light-hearted as Paulette. Come learn, be inspired and empowered as Paulette keenly guides you on your individual journey of discovery.” Deb P
“Paulette, thank you so much! And for being such a bright light in my life. It was an honor to learn from you and experience the grace, kindness, and empowerment. I am much more at peace and feel I have an even stronger voice than I did before. I cannot thank you enough!” Kendra F
“As a result of Paulette’s sharing, expertise and knowledge I came away motivated and with tools to move forward in a positive way.” Sylvia S

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