Paulette, I so greatly appreciate your support, your coaching skills and mostly your friendship during my recent separation and divorce of 38 years.

During the 6 months process you guided me lovingly, yet challenged me to look deeper into the values of what it was I needed to live an abundant and happy life after a divorce.

The homework assignments, along with our conversations allowed me space to reflect and meditate.  I felt my faith strengthen and had much more confidence around my choice.

Your non-judgmental guidance helped me to rediscover my own Goddess and power.  The work helped my heart to open and look at myself and my life, in a more positive and loving way.

I’m so grateful for your professional and personal guidance and our relationship. – Deborah C.
Paulette is a dynamic life coach, the guidance and skills from every session with Paulette has propelled me forward into the best version of myself.

I love how she integrates knowledge, perspective, and a spiritual healing essence in her coaching.

She helps me see things more clearly to make the best choices that are in alignment with what I want to achieve.

If you don’t want to be blind sided with life’s twists and turns, then I would highly recommend working with Paulette. – Dunia
If you’re looking for accountability, knowledge and inspiration, and you’re ready to surround yourself with women just like you who are energized and eager to live life fully, then you’ve come to the right place. – Dr. Taffer
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The magic of Paulette’s work isn’t solely about personal knowledge and development.  It’s about committing to a life-long contract that says:

“This is me.  My time is here and now.  And it’s up to me to realize being here is the greatest experience on earth. Because in the end, we will all ask, Did I love fully? Did I make a difference? Did I truly live my legacy?”

That’s the work Paulette inspires! – Jane A.