Shelter Up

Ciao Amica Mia,

I’m imagining that some days you might be feeling, “whoa, what the…please stop the world, I want to get off. I can’t take it anymore!”

Here’s the thing, breaking down is definitely an option. But so is breaking away and breaking into those swirling thoughts and emotions.

I confess, one of my fantasies the past four years has been to pile up all of our belongings into storage and move for six months or more to Canada, or Italy and up until just four weeks ago Spain was on my radar.

The truth is, there is nowhere to run and no country or people that is an escape hatch or safety net.

What we are collectively being called to do at this moment, is to learn how to be a self-nourishing yet collaborative safety net of love. Yes, love!

We cannot allow confusion and worry to promote feelings of separateness. The fact is, like it or not, we’re all in this crisis together. From your local grocery store employee to the Pope.

A powerful ancient yoga teaching reminds us there is a flow and cycle to life. Creation, sustenance and dissolution. Right now, we’re witnessing the dissolution and that can feel like the yoga mat has been pulled right out from under you.

In many ways, it has. However, just as we witness spring arriving and notice the buds on trees seeking the sunshine, so too will we begin to feel the light of creation and the budding of a new world.

No matter what religious or spiritual affiliation you align with, what they all agree upon is that as individuals we have a responsibility to care for each other. And quite frankly, we’ve been sucking at this for a really long time.

I want you to think about this – that the safety net we’re being asked to build is the muscle of courage to look inside.

Surely, it’s perfectly fine to enjoy a glass of wine and binge watch your favorite series to break up the monotony. Because, come on – are you kidding me? The world is sitting in a heap of a shit-pile. A little side bar – one that we’ve totally helped create.

We humans have far too long ignored the warning signs. Consequently, we’ve been hit over the head with a shake up call…now each one of us needs to take responsibility for our actions. Literally our lives and the life of our planet depends on it.

With nowhere to hide and an enforced sheltering-in I ask you to suit up in your brave heart. And begin to seek wisdom from your inner guru by asking the deeper questions of yourself. These contemplations are actually strategies for living a more meaningful life.

~ What are my core beliefs and not those of my culture, society, family of origin?

~ What are my core values?

~ Have I truly been living from them?

~ How often do I drown out the wisdom of my own voice by filling my head with extraneous B.S. and mass opinion?

~ How have my fears clouded my choices?

~ How do I allow my current anxiousness and anger to run the show?

Finally, why not be curious, and ask,

~What am I the possibility of becoming during these troubling times?

I call this work, Sheltering Up!

Because the truth is, my friend, this surreal experience we’re living is asking us to expand and raise our consciousness. Or you can always choose option A and the breakdown.

I’m not being flippant here; we all have those moments of wanting to crumble on the floor and sob. And that’s OK – in fact it’s healthy once in a while. But for most of us those desperate moments will pass. And then what?

I strongly believe that the way in which you handle the current state of affairs is exactly what you’ll find on the other end.

My question for you, when the current crisis is behind you how do you want to show up? Who do you want to be?

This “freeze-frame” we’re all in serves as a great opportunity to shift into legacy living.

I encourage you to raise your awareness and be the light for others even during social distancing. The world needs more visionaries. So please…

Join me on Thursday evenings for a free Zoom class where I share the teachings of the revered text, The Bhagavad Gita. It’s a treasure trove that offers ancient wisdom for these troubling times. If you can’t make it live, you can find the recordings on my site or YouTube.

If you’ve already taken The Roadmap to Legacy Course, I strongly recommend you complete the classes you may have missed. Revisit a module that was significantly powerful, or maybe one that you found challenging.

If you weren’t able to participate in the course live, now is a perfect time for self-study with the recorded videos and FUNdamental worksheets.

Because I so believe this course will support and guide you through the portal of fear and uncertainty, I’m making this course as affordable as possible.

I’m offering the Roadmap to Legacy course valued at $245 for only $122.

(this special ends May 1st.)


Read what people are saying about their experience with The Roadmap course check out the comments below.

“The Roadmap to Legacy is a powerful tool and a much-needed map for the world we find ourselves in today.  Paulette Bodeman shares her knowledge and wisdom with a set of insightful modules that helps us each individually look at our lives, our decisions, and our dreams.”                           Donna I.

Taking part in The Roadmap to Legacy course, has allowed me the opportunity to examine my life as the person I am today.  Brushed free from the older patterns and self- identifying responses that have carried me through my life, as a dancer, wife, and mother.  Through Paulette’s guidance I am rediscovering the details of my own life and absorbing their historical lessons with a healthy forgiving heart. The path ahead feels authentically me.”                                                                                      Karen B.

Time is precious. Join me and Shelter Up!

With love and appreciation.

Xoxo, Paulette


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