When it comes to the subtitle of my book there’s usually a question like,   “So, isn’t Tantra about sex and amazing orgasms?  Is that what this book is all about?”  No, and no.  My non-fiction book definitely doesn’t go there. Tantra, if you’re wondering, is 99% about expansion, and 1% sex. It is a methodology that teaches us how to tap into our inner wisdom, expand our abilities for more joy, deeper awareness and  discover our life’s path.  All good stuff, right.  Now if you happen to enjoy more intimacy while on this path, then, Woo-Hoo!

Book excerpt:
“…it is through the cracks and seams of our brokenness that grace flows in and out.

Being broken doesn’t mean we’re on the ground in pieces – although at times, we certainly may be. It means we’re fractal.  Pieces of broken light that are capable of shining in many more directions.  Being a Breakaway Girl means we’ve been either taken apart consciously or by circumstances, in order to experience as many faces of the goddesses as we’re capable of exploring.

And that is the ultimate remedy for loving your life.”

Book Forward (excerpt)
“It takes guts to write a book like this.  Even to read it. To stay with it. Not knowing what’s next, and let yourself be affected.  Life gives us plenty of raw material.  Sometimes more than we think we can stomach.  But, as Paulette demonstrates, it’s all workable.”

Steve Price
Personal Coach, Yoga Teacher/Trainer & Published Author