Sacred Sunday – I Kinda Sorta Blew It!

Ciao Amica Mia,

I hope that you’re finding a little respite in this curiously odd week between holidays. For me it always feels as though I’m stuck in some kind of time warp, neither here nor there.

I’m grateful that Steve and I leave today in the RV for our annual New Year’s glamping getaway. I look forward to these few days we purposely set aside in order to reflect and reset as we come to the close of another year. And decade!

Unplugging gives me the opportunity to pull in. Insulate. It reminds me of second principle in Anusara™ yoga called Muscle Energy.

ME is a flow of energy that draws in from the skin to muscle, muscle to bone, from the core lines of the body and the periphery to the core. This is an action of hugging into the medial core and midline creating stability and strength in the body, mind and spirit.

Basically, the action is like giving yourself a great big firm and loving hug. It feels good. Solid, but not harsh.

You know that feeling you get when you and a dear friend greet each other? How you naturally wrap your arms around one another, and you feel enveloped in love. You’re supported and comforted at the same time. Muscle Energy is like that.

Conversely, when you’re not engaged in muscle energy you often feel disconnected from your center physically and energetically. Your movements become somewhat disjointed. While your mind flits more easily.

Have you ever felt like that? I know I have. In fact, that’s how I felt the other day when I kinda sorta blew it.

Now, imagine this scene. My husband and are standing in line at Target a few days before Christmas. The couple behind us laughing and chatting away while Steve and I are discussing our next errand as our young cashier rings us up. When suddenly I notice that one of our bags has fallen over and a spray bottle of Windex has spilled out.

Not a big deal, right. But my mind immediately began to hop from one thought to another. Is that ours? Did Steve put that in the cart? Is it the couple behind us? What if they get home and they don’t find it? Did we pay for it?

The cool thing is that on another level of the mind I was able to “witness” how my thoughts were jumping from one branch to the next like a monkey in a tree. At some point, without volition, I spoke out loud, “is that our glass cleaner?”

The couple looked up, “oh I think it’s ours. It must have rolled over into yours.” Then quickly began the phase of,  “did we pay for it? Does the clerk refund us? Do they have cash to reimburse us?”

Finally, I reconnected to my center, and blurted, “oh my gosh, please, we don’t need you to pay us. It’s not a big deal, have a happy holiday.”

And that’s how I kinda sorta blew a legacy moment.

After driving in traffic and running around checking off the “to do” list, I got pulled into the frenetic energy around me. Disconnected from my core, I zoomed right up into my head allowing random thoughts to swirl around like a dancing dervish.

Yet, the instant I took a breath and hugged into my core, I dropped from head to heart where I opened to the holy moment of legacy opportunity.

Now you might be wondering, “why was that a legacy moment?”

When we left the store and got back into the car, tears immediately filled my eyes. I looked at Steve, “I almost blew it. My mom never would have. In that same scenario she would have told the clerk, ‘I think this belongs to the couple behind me.’ Then instantly she would have turned to the couple, smiling that great big smile of hers, and said, ‘happy holidays.’ Without a fuss. Without any attention seeking off she’d go on her merry way. But it took me several minutes to feel into my legacy self.”

Plus, you may be thinking, it was only a three-dollar item. The thing is my mom really never had an extra three bucks to toss around. Yet, generosity, pay it forward, was simply her way. She lived her life every day in her heart and was always open to moments of grace.

Most of us though, live in our heads not our hearts. It doesn’t take much for us to disengage from our essence. Consequently, we’re not as open to legacy moments.

I’m grateful I reconnected. But it wasn’t as effortless a gesture as it could have been. While I’m not beating myself up, I am taking authorship. I believe I can do better. 

Honestly, I believe we all can do better. So, I’m inviting you to be a part of my breakaway movement. As we close out this decade let’s commit to breaking away from adoring the mind and allowing the unmonitored ego to lead the way.

Instead, in 2020, let’s divinely guide the ego and look towards a bigger vision of self. One that utilizes the intellect to expand the mind and serve the heart.

But first, let’s learn to insulate with the power of self-reflection and self-care in order to give more generously and love more freely. To stand, walk and live from our legacy self.

And then just like a yoga pose, we practice every day what it means to “live your legacy”.

If this resonates with you, then I really hope you’ll join me February 15 & 16 2020 for, Evoke the Divine Powers of the Feminine, where we’ll explore, deepen and embody these teachings.

I know I’ve been thought of as a “kick ass” asana teacher. Please trust me on this, it’s not about poses. This event is experiential and the practices, while fun, are also  dynamic and potent. So, come join me and other breakaway girls where you’ll not only awaken your feminine powers, you’ll leave with excellent tools and strategies that will assist you on your legacy path. I hope to see you on the inside.

You can grab it here.


Xoxo, Paulette

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