“Holy Moly…”

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:

…it’s May!! And the sun has been shining this entire week. Oh, the joy!
Early yesterday morning I lit the Palo Santo infused candle that sits on a low table next to my meditation chair and wrapped myself in a cozy blanket.
Taking my seat, I read a passage from Book of the Heart: Meditations for the Restless Soul. A stirring interpretation of poems translated from the writings of German mystic, Meister Eckhart.
Then I began my pranayama, breath work, in preparation for meditation. I think of breath awareness as an inner swifter that sweeps away the cobwebs lingering in the corners of the mind, making space for the receptivity of presence.
This missive isn’t a teaching on the different techniques of meditation, or a “how to”. Although I want to make mention that there are numerous methods and ways to approach the practice. With attempting to stop one’s thoughts as one of the most common.
However, I don’t teach, nor do I try to cease all thought. Which is a topic for another day.
Instead, like champagne bubbles floating to the top of a crystal flute, I allow my thoughts to do the same. Sometimes I ride the thought until the bubble bursts and other times the thought bubbles rise and fall of their own volition.
Meanwhile back on my “cushion”, here’s what popped for me – my early morning ritual feels sacred.
Perhaps not so profound. Yet, I watched the bubbles continue to rise.
Maybe the love of ritual is an imprint from the early formative years of my Catholic upbringing
Attending Sunday mass, the priests wearing ceremonial vestments and of course the lighting, and scent, of incense swirling round my head.
Maybe it’s the yogi in me that appreciates the observance of order
Maybe it’s simply my personality
Whatever the reason, as if there must be a reason at all, ritual fills my heart with delight at the same time it brings with it a sense of peace.
Until it doesn’t.
Why, I wondered
How can something I hold sacred and love so much fall flat.
Are you with me here, friend?
When ritual becomes rote, the practice loses its luster. Ritual becomes just another drill.
Do you ever feel like that?
Do you find yourself simply going through the motions?  Like unconsciously turning the coffee pot on first thing when you roll out of bed?
Here’s the thing, when you find yourself coming to your morning ritual as if it was number one on your “to do” list, you’ve downgraded it.
So, what do you do? How do you get back into the flow and the grace and the joy?
First, pay attention and notice what you’re feeling in the morning.
Are you rushing to get it over and done with?
Do you hear yourself saying, as soon as I get through with my morning practices I have to email, call, pick up…fill in the blank?
If you’re feeling as though your ritual has lost its brilliance perhaps it’s time to shake it up a bit.
Try something different, like chanting or mantra.
Purchase a new candle or journal.
Sage your sacred space and clear it of any negativity.
Whatever you do, don’t quit on yourself.
We all need meaningful ritual in our lives, especially during these challenging times.
Ritual helps you create meaning and purpose.
Ritual grounds and stabilizes you in your core values.
Ritual has the power to increase your confidence, self-worth, and self-trust.
Ritual aligns you with the rhythm and flow of nature. Your true nature.
Ritual is the catalyst that transforms the ordinariness of daily life into something extraordinary.
So, my friend, I ask you, do you have a morning ritual?
Does it still feel alive inside you?
Does it have meaning and bring you joy?
Or has it become routine and dull?

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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