It’s OK to be a drifter…

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:

I hope this week’s SS finds you well.
The other day I had an appointment to establish myself as a new patient with a local dentist, and my bi-annual teeth cleaning.
While I presumed it would take a little longer than usual to complete all the paperwork, plus the extra time they spend with you, I had no idea I’d be reclining for two hours!
I don’t know about you, but I get anxious at dental appointments. Especially when I’m having to lie back with my head a bit lower than my heart.
As I felt my heart begin to race, I decided to play a little game.
Even with the hygienist scraping my teeth, squirting water in my mouth and suctioning the excess – I focused on evening out my breath.
Inhale and expand my chest. Exhale and settle.
And here’s the fun part, I set my mind to gallop freely just like the wild horses I love to watch at one of our favorite RV glamping spots.
Instead of trying to focus my thoughts I opened the gate and let them wander. And then I watched them land where they pleased.
It was liberating!
It felt so good that I want to share with you a new Breakaway strategy I created from my own inner experiment.
You can use this tool when feeling anxious or simply as a method to set your imagination loose.
Utilize it like I did, while in the dentist’s chair, waiting for an oil change, in a meditative setting or at the threshold of a creative endeavor.
But first, let me take you back in time…
Have you ever taken a summer road trip as a child? You and your siblings packed together in the back seat like sardines.
If not, go with me here and pretend you have.
Depending on your age, maybe you wore a seatbelt; maybe not. And even with all the coloring books, snacks and games you brought along to occupy yourself, instead your mind began to wander.
Lulled by the motion of the car traveling along the hot pavement, warm air blowing in through the open window and the sun shining on your face, your thoughts began to drift. Floating from one to another to another.
So, today I encourage you to invite your mind to embark with you on a mental road trip.
First, take a few moments and focus on your breath. Three conscious spacious inhales and three grounding exhales.
Then give yourself permission to be a wanderer.
Allow your thoughts to bubble up to the surface and then drift like clouds in the vast blue sky until you feel drawn to pull over at a rest stop.
Then open the door of your mind, setting your thoughts free to roam about and meander in the lushness of your mental meadow.
See your thoughts drift and float, swirl and dance like a hummingbird flitting from one flower to the next moving of their own volition.
Do not attempt to rein them in. Do not attempt to monitor.
Let your thoughts be wild and unencumbered.
Until satiated, when you hop in the back seat of awareness ready to follow the road ahead.
No destination in mind, no time constraints, only you, your thoughts, and a child-like curiosity to see where your drifting mind chooses next to explore.
Relaxed, you linger in the liminal space of neither here nor there totally at peace.
In allowing your thoughts to lead you, instead of pushing, pulling, or trying to tame them like an errant puppy, your whole body lets go.
Lastly, in that moment of surrender, bow at the puja (altar of devotion) of your soul and give thanks for the many blessings that accompany you on this road trip called life.

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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