“Time to get your hands dirty”

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:
I hope your week was filled with hope, joy, and spring blessings.
Recently my husband and I took an RV trip that lasted a bit longer than we originally planned.
When we returned home our yard had been taken over by weeds. We could hardly identify the plants and bulbs that we intentionally planted from the overgrowth.
Some weeds sprang up tall with yellow blossoms, while wild grass carpeted the front and back yard. Tiny wildflowers softened the scene with their delicate purple and orange petals.
Yet, they were all weeds.
We felt overwhelmed. Stunned. With no idea where to begin to restore a bit of order.
So, like the saying, “start where you are” we began by pulling out one stubborn weed at a time.
And of course, the connection was quickly made – the process of pulling weeds feels a lot like the work of personal growth and spiritual awakening.

Let’s face it, to create some semblance of order in your life, it’s called saucha in the yoga world, you need to get to the bedrock of the chaos or discord.
While some of it may look pretty on the surface, you know what lies underneath.
If you yank the top off a weed, without getting down to the root, it only takes a hot minute for that sucker to grow back even stronger.
Eventually we did call in a little extra help – because my friend, it was ugly bad! And truth, sometimes we all need a lending hand.
Years ago, I returned to Chicago to visit family and spent the afternoon with a close cousin.
During the years I had been gone this cousin had become a master gardener. Her front and back-yard gardens were something right out of Sunset Magazine.
A profusion of heady flowers, blossoming plants and fragrant shrubs. With nary a weed in sight.
How did she become so skilled in creating such beauty, I wondered?
My cousin was very shy and introverted, but she got “the lucky”. An elderly neighbor, who happened to be the President of the local garden club, took a liking to my cousin, and began to mentor her in the art and science of gardening.
She was an attentive and diligent student, who was not afraid to kneel in the muddy earth nor get her hands dirty.
My cousin shared that while she didn’t hesitate to pull the weeds out, the most challenging and valuable lesson she learned was that sometimes a gardener must cut back a healthy and thriving plant for it to grow fuller, stronger, and more fruitful in its next season.
Well dang, sound familiar, Divine timing and methodology.
Just like you and me, my cousin needed to learn the when and the how.
My friend, for you to thrive in the next season of your life something must give. The weeds that are tripping you up need to be pulled up from the root.
And while some aspects of your life look beautiful on the outside, if you’re hanging on to what once was, if you’ve got the death grip going on, you’re strangling the life force eventually stunting your growth.
Dear love, the garden of your soul needs tending so that you can create a life of beauty.
A life that hums with joy, shimmers with the brilliance of your divine light, and touches every heart with the blessed fragrance of grace.
Let’s kneel in the soil of potential. Let’s get our hands dirty in the fecund earth of possibility.
Together we can do what’s required.
With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette
“Paulette has been my lifeboat in the imperfect storm of my life. The skills I have learned help me every day of my life. I truly feel that I am now on my way to becoming the person I was always meant to be.”        A.S. 
“Paulette is a dynamic life coach, the guidance, and skills from every session with Paulette has propelled me forward into the best version of myself.”                                                                                 D.G.

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