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Caution: Perfectionism Can Be Hazardous To Your Health!

And may cause sadness, disappointment, frustration.

Hi There,

I know this to be true because I suffer from bouts of perfectionism.

Crazy as it many seem I used to think it was one of my better qualities. Gad Zooks! How ridiculous.

The thing is, when I’m not looking, perfectionism creeps back in like a thief. Stealing my joy. My creativity. My zest for life.

Instead of living in inspiration I’m living in “nothing is ever good enough…I’m not perfect enough.” Perfectionism is a debilitating disease.

Like the weekend of the Super Moon. My husband and I planned a glamping get-away with some friends. Once a year three couples meet up at Lynx Lake in Prescott Arizona. This year we chose the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse for our gathering.

Excited, we all reserve our favorite spots. The view of the forest pines extending for miles is simply exquisite.

Hiking trails are just steps outside of our RV’s. At night we sit around the campfire. Share meals, stories and friendship.

Idyllic. Perfect!

We forgot our dog’s leash. He’s the sweetest dog ever, but doesn’t mind worth a darn. In the past he’s taken off running thinking a coyote was his new best friend.

So, we improvise. With bunji cords. My husband almost gets smacked in the face when the dog lurches for a rabbit.

Skunks love our campsite. They visit every night leaving gifts of Eau De Foul Scent. Plus, they’re darn bold. Staring directly at us. Though I must be honest, they were here first.

What can be more perfect then eating gluten-free blueberry pancakes cooked on your very own outside griddle? Early morning campfires burning. Birds singing. A breeze blowing through the pines.

Sitting there, reveling in the overall beauty I feel a prick. I swipe my forehead.

Hmm…nothing. Within minutes a welt the size of a quarter erupts on my forehead.

Pain. Itchiness. Irritation. Swelling moves down towards my left eyebrow.

I run inside the RV. Wash my face. In case itzy bitzy spider is hiding in my hair I brush it like a maniac. I apply lavender essential oil.

For the next three days my forehead is red hot. Burning. I know spiders are not supposed to leave a stinger. But let me tell you, that spider left something.

I pulled it out with a tweezers. Ick!! Thank goodness I’m fond of lavender and have taken to wearing bangs again. Finally, the swelling, itchiness and pain subsides.

My little escapade reminds me, yet again, that perfectionism is an illusion.

Nothing is perfect. Not a camping trip. Not me. Not life. If you and I cling to the idea that we can create perfection we are in for grave sadness. Frustration. Disappointment. Discontent.

And that’s just no way to live.

So, I’ve decided to create a movement. A new club of sorts. Come on and join me. Become a member. It’s open to all.

I’m calling it – Imperfect Yogis Unite.

Put down the gauntlet of perfectionism. Pick up the pieces of your imperfect life. And be happy.

Nothing and no one is perfect. For those of us on the path of yoga, besides the mat, beyond the pose, I invite you to make a pledge to live fully.

Find inspiration where you can. Create in ways that light you up from the inside. Revel in moments of joy. Be present in sorrow.

Expect imperfection. It’s the key to living a free and radical life.

I really enjoy hearing from you. Thanks for keeping the conversation flowing. Comment below and share your thoughts on the power of embracing your imperfections. 

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