What’s next?

Ciao and Sacred Sunday:

🏡Well as promised, more on Casa Bodemaglio.

After eleven months and ten days of living in our RV, and several supply-chain delays, Da Da Da…we have finally moved into our new home.

I have so much to share on this adventure, and yet I don’t know where to begin.

When we sold our home in Phoenix, after living in Arizona for a gazillion years, we knew that making a move to another state was a big deal.

Yet, there was something indescribable calling me.

It felt as though I was being led. I had no idea why or what I was being led to, other than the land, the vista, the space, the skies and yes, the seasons.

🤯Some of our friends and family thought we lost our minds.

And I suppose we did.

In fact, I believe that at times we NEED to lose our minds to create an opening for something new.

When everything is said and done, I am a Breakaway Girl. And Breakaway Girls/Guys have an unusual radar that tunes into invisible potential.

That invisible potential is pulling you towards the portal that’s beginning to answer another chapter of your soul’s calling. 

🚍Now, not everyone needs to sell their home in a week, pack up their belongings in storage and go traveling the Pacific Northwest for months. But apparently, it’s what we did.

So, after two weeks shy of one year living on a home with big, massive wheels, we’re once again landed.

What’s next? I have no idea.

Other than inviting in deep stillness. So that I can listen to what my spirit, my heart, my soul is asking of me.

In the months to come I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of our RV and new home adventures.

For now, though, I’m gazing out my office window surrounded by mountains that are shrouded in low, gray clouds, mist and fog.

As I do most Sacred Sundays, I leave you with a few questions.

Do you have a practice where you can create the space to sit in stillness to listen to the whisper of your soul

What are you being called to Breakaway from

Does knowing you need to Breakaway scare you

Are you resisting the call?  If so, why

Do you need support in dismantling the barriers that keep you locked in

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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