It’s Understandable

Ciao and Sacred Sunday:

I hope your week has been fruitful and filled with moments of joy.

Lots is happening at Casa Bodemaglio. That’s the fun name my husband and I have given to each of the houses we’ve lived in over the years.

And today, on this Sacred Sunday, it truly feels like we’ve arrived HOME.

As you might guess, it’s a blending of our two last names. Kind of like a combo bite of pancake and sausage. A little bit sweet and a little bit savory. On any given day we can be either.

More on this next week…I promise!

In the meantime, I recently read an article that got me thinking about the earth, the land, and the similarity of the state of our 💜.

The writer was explaining how in certain climates the earth is moist and open to receive the rain and light of the sun. Thus, allowing for the trees, plants, flowers and of course our food to grow.

Yet, in the summer the land hardens from lack of rainfall and instead of opening to receive nourishment, the earth in attempt to protect the moisture underground, gets brittle and hardens.

💦Then with the first rainfall, after drought like conditions, the earth cracks open little by little until it’s ready to truly open wide to receive more of what it needs.

This process is cyclical of course. But the waiting period reminds me of when we’re neither here nor there. Kind of like the past year of living in our RV.

Our heads know that “this season too will pass.” But not so our hearts.

Some days our hearts are wide open to receive a down pour, absorbing all the love and joy.

While other days we feel sad, scared, fearful of “what’s next.”

🐌And to protect ourselves from the pain of uncertainty, we harden. Contract. We curl inward like a snail in its shell.

It’s understandable of course.

🧠Our amazing amygdala raises the warning sign – danger, danger. And our fears automatically kick in. Quite fascinating really.

Yet, your sweet tender heart takes the hit when another layer of fertile soil hardens round it.

Your heart though is brilliant. It holds a vision greater than your fears.

Your heart always seeks love and connection.

💔Which is why it develops cracks and fissures to receive the nourishment of love once again.

And when that happens, your broken heart opens itself a little more and a little more until it’s able to offer love back in return.

We have all suffered dearly throughout this pandemic. As well as certain periods of our lives.

🌱Yet, if you and I can remember that we are resilient, if we have faith that “this season too will pass”, then we can begin to plant new seeds of growth.

As history and our personal histories have shown us, we can trust that the love’s light will illuminate our darkest hours; and shine its brilliance into the corners of our souls where we’ll discover new shoots of potent possibilities.

️Stay steady my friend. And shine on.

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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