How Much Are You Worth…To You?

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you
It’s September and my honey and I (yep, he’s still my honey even after living in our RV for 11 months) are praying on bended knee that our home will be completed by the end of the month.

Wish us luck!

I hope your summer has given you respite and joy. And that you’re savoring these last days of summer loving.

Recently I’ve had several people reach out and inquire, if they’re not yet ready to make a deeper commitment, is there another way to begin working with me?

So, I’d like to remind you of the, ASK PAULETTE FORUM. The forum is a sacred space where you’ll receive private access to me, your Certified Integrative Coach.

“Ask Paulette”is a safe place for you to explore areas, or a specific issue in your life that you’d like coaching.

Writing your question in the forum is a potent exercise in and of itself, which also allows you the opportunity to go back and review, taking your process to another level.

The forum is confidential. And if you choose you may remain anonymous.

We all have blind spots that sometimes cloud our vision. In the thick of a challenge, we’re often blocked from seeing another possibility and perspective.

Whether your situation is personal or professional, my goal is to help you gain clarity and confidence.

The late cultural anthropologist and esteemed educator, Angeles Arrien, once told the story of her work with the Appalachian Mountain people and how they greeted one another; “What’s workin’ ya? What’s learnin’ ya?”

What a fabulous way to welcome a friend or a stranger instead of, “Hey, how you doing?”

Because the truth is, we’re often not prepared to listen.

But that’s not the case at Ask Paulette. 

I invite and encourage you to ask your questions regarding what’s workin’ ya? I’m here to listen deeply and offer guidance.

As an Ask Paulettesubscriber not only will you have an opportunity to ask your questions, I also offer breakaway and breakthrough strategies through featured articles, beyond what I cover in Sacred Sunday.
Below is one example you’ll find in the Ask Paulette Forum.   For most of us, there are situations in our lives that we look back upon with regret.
Those coulda, woulda, shoulda moments, those if only’s, that unsettle us and keep us stuck in the past.
The problem is when you’re living in a past memory and wishing for a “do-over”, you become fixated on who you were then, instead of recognizing how far you’ve come and where you’ve arrived.
You’ve forgotten the possibility of who you still want to become.
Let me share a simple strategy.
When you become aware of your thoughts circling back to a situation and the way in which you navigated it, perhaps not as stellar as you would have liked; and the emotionality that arises is also stimulating self-doubt, you need to pause.
Take a breath and return to the present moment making note that right here and now, you’re OK.
Forgive the woman or man you were then.
Remind yourself, “While I may not be able to have a “do-over”, I have the choice to create a more conscious “do forward.”
Grab a journal and jot down one of your success “stories”.  It could be from years past or yesterday.
Now generate in your body how you felt and stay in the feelings for as long as you want.
Trust that if you succeeded once in overcoming a difficulty that your body, mind and spirit know how to do it again.
Finally, write a positive statement for yourself.
Such as, “I am strong, smart and resilient.”
The past does not hold you hostage.
The past informs your present and your future.  
Because I believe with so many of us needing extra support at this crazy wild time, I’m offering the FIRST MONTH FREE of Ask Paulette.
Plus, I’ve reduced the monthly subscription to $29. Or, $240 yearly.
That’s equivalent to only 7 Starbuck’s Venti Cappuccino’s!!
I urge you to take advantage of this great opportunity.
The Ask Paulette Forum is a simple way to help you stay steadfast in times of turbulence. At the same time, help you continue to grow, raise your vibration, and live your dharma.

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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