Re-wild with me

Ciao and Sacred Sunday:

️Here we are again with me shaking my head and wondering, oh time why are you so slippery and illusive?

I wonder how it’s possible that we moved into our new home almost three weeks ago?

Do you ever feel like me and want to reach out to put the hand brake on?

The thing is, it’s simply a reminder that what’s required is a mind shift.

So, instead of focusing on what I haven’t accomplished, I’m taking a few deep breaths, pausing, and congratulating myself for the wins I’ve had in the span of three weeks.

Some may seem small, but oh they feel so dang good.

📦Most of our moving boxes are unpacked and recycled

🐶Doctor and Vet appointments made

🥘A pot of soup is simmering on the stove

📚I have a new library card

💦And lately I’m showered and dressed before 3:00pm in the afternoon

Can you relate to the whirlwind of daily living?

And while my tap root is re-grounding itself, re-rooting underneath my feet, I’ve continued to work with a few select clients.

I want to acknowledge, while they haven’t moved to another state nor lived in an RV for a year, their lives, like yours, have also been highly impacted over the last two years by covid craziness.

So, I’m thrilled and blown away for the wins made by these remarkable clients.

It’s humbling and rewarding working with women, and men, who are as dedicated to personal growth and transformation as I am.

These Badass and Brilliant women are focused and doing the work it takes to create lasting mind shifts in order to…

Stop the pain of loneliness and feelings of isolation by learning how to plug back into the Shakti (Primal Creative Life Force)

Heal their broken hearts with self-love and acceptance so they can envision and welcome new romantic relationships

End robotic “going through the motions” by learning how to re-wild their sensual juicy essence

Choose to wake up and commit to a path of self-actualization to realize higher levels of consciousness

And the good news, they’re having fun while doing it.

On this Sacred Sunday, I ask you…

Do any of my client wins hit your heart

Are you tired of feeling lonely and disconnected from your Legacy Self

Are you craving a new romantic relationship

Do you need more juice and sauce in your life

My friend, this is a potent time of year when the veils between worlds is thinnest.

If you stop and listen, you’ll hear your soul calling for the remembrance and rewilding of who you are at your core.

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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