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Are you feeling hopeful yet?

I must be honest here. Transparent. Since the election I haven’t been feeling that well. I’ve been caught up in the chaos and finding it difficult to feel the love.<3

“My heart is Heavy”

My heart is heavy. It aches. For the mess our country is in. For the state of other nations. For my son and “daughter in love” and the world they are needing to navigate. And when I pause to consider my future grandchildren I realize I’m holding my breath.

Then there’s my 89-year old mother who fell earlier this month – broke her hip and is recovering from surgery. And let’s not forget my 90-year old dad, well transparency or not, I can’t even go there.

So I fill my water bottle, hop in the car and drive to the base of the Sonoran Mountain Preserve. Sad and shaky I haul myself up the trail placing one dusty foot in front of the other.

I step aside as mountain-bicyclists whizz by. Hop over horse piles and greet other hikers with a nod or  a smile. One dusty foot in front of the other till I arrive at a clearing and gaze out at hills carpeted in shades of citrine.

Spring has arrived in daisy yellow, fire-cracker orange and sage purple. I’m lost in a sea of wild flowers. The earth alive and pulsing is simply following the rhythms and cycle of nature. My heart beating more rapidly as I make my way up to the overlook I stop, take a sip of water, breathing in the various smells that tell me I too am alive.

The promise of spring is the promise that the pendulum will swing back into balance. That new life is being birthed in the very instant that I walk the steadiness of the mountain path.

One of my teachers once said that hope is whatever is possible. So I ask myself “what am I, one simple woman, the possibility of?” What am I the possibility of in my relationships? In my professional life? As a citizen?

“What are you the possibility of?”

My friends I ask you now to consider the same. What are you the possibility of? As a friend. A wife or husband. Mother – father. As a professional. A citizen.

While the earth is alive with the promise of spring take yourself out into nature and percolate this contemplation. Then please share with me what you are the possibility of.

For it’s together, in sanga, in kula, in communities of the heart that we are supported and encouraged; to step into our fullest potential so that we may help to bring balance back into our lives and into the world.

If you want to explore this idea “what are you the possibility of” a bit further contact me for a 30 minute complimentary session.

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