My Impossible Life

Ciao Amica Mia,

It seems like a decade ago that I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend and sister author, Charlene Jones. Since then we’re now learning how to live in a world that asks us to keep six feet of separation, while at the same time be generous and kind.
I’m so grateful for each of you and that I’m able to remain connected through email, social media, zoom webinars and online group and personal coaching.
Now that we’ve had time to breathe into social distancing and find new daily routines, I think you’ll enjoy listening to The Breakaway Academy Radio Show’s latest interview.

In a world turned upside down, Charlene Jones is living proof of what a Breakaway Girl can learn to do when faced with daunting life challenges. She is a true inspiration.
Her latest book, My IMPOSSIBLE LIFE: trauma, travel & transcendence, is a compelling memoir that proves that the mind truly has the power to heal.
Charlene’s meditation practice spans over five decades from her time in a Tibetan temple in the north of India when she was 21 years old, to today.
Charlene has authored three books and shared authoring of two poetry books with her poetry partners, Linda Stitt and the late Cecilie Kwiat. The books are called Uncritical Mass in Consort and Bliss Pig.
Her self-authored books are The Stain, a work of fiction exploring the idea of reincarnation, and Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind which, in easy to read language, examines the seam between neuroscience and visualization meditation. I believe this is a must read if you’re struggling to keep your mind from falling down the rabbit hole of fear.
You can see why I’m so thrilled to have had the opportunity to visit with Charlene on the radio show. And I’m honored to have been a guest on her podcast which you can find at: http://www.soulsciences.net/p/podcasts.html
Feel free to connect with Charlene at: http://www.soulsciences.net/
Take some time for yourself this Sacred Sunday and enjoy my conversation with the wise and inspirational Charlene Jones, a Breakaway Girl who is living her legacy everday.
(scroll down to Radio Show #13)
With love and appreciation,
Xoxo Paulette
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