Time Sensitive

Ciao Amica Mia,

I hope you’re feeling well this Sacred Sunday.

Did you know that yesterday, October 10, was designated World Mental Health Day?

For far too long speaking openly about mental health has been considered taboo.

Unfortunately, there’s considerable shame attached to one’s mental health. So much so that either you or your loved one feels afraid to confide in someone.

And to seek professional help is like trying to overcome a humongous boulder that sits in front of your path.

It’s as if receiving counseling or guidance makes you less than.

But with the effects we’re seeing on individuals and families due to the constraints of the Covid-19-pandemic, we as a global community can no longer ignore the elephant in the room.

As a nation the US is experiencing unrest and instability greater than any other time in its history. Our mental health affects the choices we make that are far-reaching.

The economic and psychological pressures and challenges that the pandemic has brought with it has impacted the mental health of our front-line workers, first responders, essential workers, to the everyday citizen who is trying to hold it all together.

The Buddha once said that each of us exhibits some form of neurosis. It’s simply a matter of where on the spectrum we fall. No one is exempt.

Nor is it a fixed state. Life experiences and external circumstances do influence your capacity to cope well or not.

The good news is you and I do have the capability to not only raise awareness but to support the mental health for all people.

As you read this Sacred Sunday, I ask you to consider donating to a local agency or the WHO. Or, participate in the World Health Organization global advocacy event. See link below.

Often, I hear from students and clients how helpless they feel. I get it. I feel that way too.

So, let’s come together to help raise awareness on this very important topic that affects the lives of our global community every single day.

We can do better. We need to do better.

With so much love, xoxo Paulette

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