If Not Now, When?

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:
Do you remember when you were a kid returning to school after a holiday break, and your teacher assigned you homework to write an essay, “what I did over my summer vacation?”
Well, that’s kind of what this email is like…what I did over the months and months and months of the pandemic. But trust me, it was no vacation.
Although at first, I was energized and offered free online philosophy classes I believed would support my students, and myself, to learn how to navigate such disorienting and challenging times.
Plus, I held several Zoom gatherings where friends and students could come together over a cup of or glass of and hear one another’s voices and see each other’s faces.
🏼I felt strong and resilient and was ready to hold the container for however long it took our world to heal – on all levels.
Then, my husband got sick in the spring and in retrospect we think he probably had Covid-19 in December of 2019. Which started a marathon of obstacles.
Slowly my drive began to diminish, and my spirit felt heavy with sadness. The world looked like it was collapsing around me – with me in it.
So, we packed up the and got out of Dodge for weeks at a time. It gave my husband something else to focus on.
Both he and I were so tired. Physically, emotionally, mentally and yes, spiritually.
While glamping sounds glamorous, it’s also a hellava lot of work. So besides coping with lingering illness we were dealing with the demands of camp life.
The upside, hitting the road helped us remember that there are good people, just like you and me, trying to do the best they can.
And that Nature is Shri-auspicious beauty. Nature is the ultimate Maha-great teacher.
Nature is resilient and doesn’t fight change. It simply does what it does without drama or bullshit.
Traveling from place to place and making camp for days at a time seemed to open up a portal within.
Each of us taking the time to contemplate our life thus far and how the global pandemic was affecting our lives individually and as a couple.
As I like to say to my husband, “can you give me a summary statement, please?”
So, here it is, my husband and I decided that when we returned home, we’d put our house up for sale and move out of state.
We sold our home in less than a week and have been living in our RV for a little over 4 months while our considerably down-sized new home is being built.
It was crazymaking at first what needed to be done in order to get our home ready to put on the market.
Plus, the many other decisions that needed to be made as well.
Like my husband choosing to retire after almost 40 years in commercial real estate. He had clients that needed his attention and deals that needed to be completed, and the list goes on.
🧐But we kept looking at one another questioning, “if not now, when?”
It wasn’t easy. And still isn’t. Living in an RV with 2 adults and 2 “coo-coo dogs” – as a friend calls them, can you imagine❗️
One of the many things I’ve learned is that I can do without a lot of stuff that I thought was so important.
We’re excited. And some days we feel our age. At the same time, we feel reinvigorated.
Driving into the unknown is exhilarating. And down-right unnerving.
Creating a new life is a bit like, yep, starting all over. Some of our friends and family think we’ve lost our marbles.
But being a Breakaway Girl is in my DNA.
While at the same time the truth is, I like comfortable. I like boring. I like having roots and feeling settled.
And yet…if not now, when?
I don’t want to get to the end of my life and feel regret that I didn’t go for it.
I don’t want to have that nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach because my heart was drawing me to parts unknown, and I was too much of the scaredy girl to take a risk.
Now you might not want to sell your home, pack up all of your belongings, embark on a glamp-venture or move to parts unknown.
But I can’t imagine that living through a global pandemic hasn’t stimulated you in some way or caused you to consider YOUR life.
Can you relate?
Are you feeling If Not Now, When but you’re a little fearful to go for that new relationship?
Maybe it’s time for you to clear away some of the old that no longer serves you and move on to something new.
Or perhaps it’s that your spirit is feeling stuck, and you need help releasing old patterns of resistance and limiting beliefs in order to shift your energy –  to set your soul free again to create and open to the graces that are always there for you to receive.
You may feel a resistance to change and doing the work because like me staying in your comfort zone is your default.
But you’re here, part of my Breakaway Community, so I know that you too share that adventuresome spirit.
I encourage you, don’t wait to realize your forever dream or a newly arisen desire.
If your is tugging at you to make a shift and this message is resonating at all, please reach out today.
Living on the road in the RV has not stopped my work. In fact, it has ignited my desire to help more people own their brilliance, in order to help elevate their vibration.
Then together we can help elevate global consciousness.
Trust me, the world needs you.
With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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