It’s Badassery Time!

Ciao and Sacred Sunday:

I hope this finds you happy, healthy, and honoring the rhythms of Nature and your own unique nature.
Several months ago I was a guest on the podcast, WISDOM OF THE AGES, hosted by best-selling author and speaker, Ayn Cates Sullivan.
Ayn and I enjoyed a great conversation. The interview was filled with insight and of course, wisdom!
Plus, in lieu of all that is going on in the world, especially right here and now in our own country concerning women, I believe this interview is relevant and important.
I’m thrilled to be sharing it here with you.
Below is an excerpt, with the link to the entire show on the bottom of this newsletter.
🎤Ayn: So, tell us about your Badass and Brilliant Method. I want to know.
💋Paulette: Well, it has evolved.
I am a Breakaway Girl and the title of my book is, The Breakaway Girl, Secrets of a Tantric Yogi, and it’s part memoir and part self-help and self-development, and I share a lot in there.
And in the book, I share that at some point in my life, my mom used to call me the black sheep of
the family, and that didn’t feel so great. And I realized at one point talking with my husband, I said, it
just came out organically. I was never a black sheep. I’m a Breakaway Girl. And then I thought, what
the heck does that mean?
And so that kind of evolved into Badass and Brilliant because I think women today, all over the planet as we know, are really stepping up for sometimes the very first time in claiming their own life and claiming their self and we have to have a little badassery. And I know that term has been a little bit overused maybe, or it’s offensive to some people, but I’m like, no, I think we have to claim that for ourselves, no matter if we’re 20, 50, 70.
There’s a little bit of that badass, breakaway girl in us where we want to just bust out and say, this
is my life and I get to live it and choose to live it the way I want to, not with any of these imprints
that I’ve had over the years.
And even sometimes we’ve done it to ourselves. It isn’t just what’s external, but what’s happening
internally, how we limit ourselves.
And I also believe – there’s Sufi teaching that each of us has different jewels of the divine and I love
this idea. We have these qualities of the divine within us.
And so, I started just sitting with that and working with that within my own self. And I thought, well, that’s our brilliance. We have a lot of different qualities, but usually, there’s one or two – that’s why people are drawn to us, why people want to be in our company because there’s this gem inside of us that is just our own innate brilliance.
And so, I feel like women sometimes, and I know that for myself, I speak from my own experience,
that we’re kind of afraid or just held back. We hold ourselves back from shining that brilliance, from
claiming and owning that brilliance.
And so, I think it balances out that we have to be a little badass about it. We have to say, yes, this is my brilliance and it’s mine to give.
So, on this Sacred Sunday, I invite you to pop in your ear buds, put your sneaks on, go for a hike or hop on the treadmill and treat yourself to the WOA BREAKAWAY – BADASS AND BRILLIANT episode.
With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette


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