Here’s The Rub…

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:
If you’re anything like me your head may feel like exploding when you read an email or see social media memes that promote the need for you to “find your purpose” or “live your soul’s purpose.”
I must admit my skin gets a little itchy and I feel triggered by the hype because it often feels false and new-agey.
Yet, as a student and teacher of Tantric yoga for 30 years, I know there’s Truth to the importance of living your soul’s purpose.
However, leading someone to believe that following your bliss and living your purpose is tantamount to doing something huge, in my opinion is pure BS.
So, here’s the rub – living your soul’s purpose is indeed what you and I are meant to do with the one life we’re here to live. In fact, I touched on that very idea last week.
But what starts to make me all twitchy is the underlying message conveyed.

What I oppose – is the silent directive that if you’re not creating a new product with positive global impact, traveling to another country doing volunteer work or living off the land reducing your carbon footprint, you’re NOT living your soul’s purpose.
From a yogic perspective living your soul’s purpose is called Dharma.
One of the meanings of dharma is, “to do that which upholds and sustains life”.
And that could look like anything️
From driving a school bus, serving coffee at your local coffee shop, teaching yoga, being a homemaker raising your kids or grandkids, to writing your memoir, going back to university earning a new degree, helping at a homeless shelter.
The truth is, living your dharma is when you’re living your best life️
No matter what you “do” or what it looks like on the outside️
When you envision what’s possible for yourself, and you take a risk because you know it will fill your cup and bring meaning to your life, that’s living your soul’s purpose️
When you’re lit up, your brilliance touches everyone️
That’s living your dharma️
Another point I want to make, is just as we have passages and chapters in our lives, our purpose, our dharma changes.
Like Hanuman, the shapeshifter…
As we mature and age we expand and transform
As we transform, we reimagine our personal vision
As we reimagine our lives, and how we live it, we live our dharma
Our dharma, our soul’s purpose, is not static and it’s not meant to be.
Yet, it’s exactly in those shapeshifting times that you often need a little help.
You know something within you has shifted and something new longs to emerge, but you’re not quite exactly sure what that might be
Or if you’re certain of the “what”, you might not be sure how to unpack it or move forward
That’s when the pain hits your heart, and you often decide it’s too much work and life is just fine the way it is. So, you coast.
And if that’s where you’re at – that’s cool. I know the feeling well. Coasting can be the cure.
But if it’s not, if you’re feeling that familiar ache in your belly and pain in your heart because you know a new chapter is begging to be written, but you’re scared, trust you’re not alone.
I totally get it️ I’ve lived it️In some ways I’m still living it️
So, here’s my suggestion, take a pause and allow yourself to feel all the feelings.
Ask that illusive something to take shape and form.
Call it forward and engage with it. Trust yourself and the guidance that’s within you.

In the meantime, please remember
Breakaway Girls strive to live in integrity with their values,
their highest character, and their connection to nature.

And that my love, is yet another definition of dharma and what it means to live your soul’s purpose.
As always, if I can be of support in your process, don’t hesitate to reach out.

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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