Concealment and Revealment

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:

It’s hard to believe that March is soon coming to a close and Spring is upon us.
For this Arizona transplant, glamping through different states with temperature and weather variations is both welcomed and surprising.
As our pace slows down a bit, I still find that my mind hasn’t yet received the “chill-asana” message. My thoughts jump around and ping-pong inside my brain making up all sorts of stories.
🤦🏻‍♀️Did you know, according to the National Science Foundation, that 80% of what we ruminate on, the thoughts that take up so much space in our brains, are negative? With 95% being repetitive!
That’s a lot of wasted time and energy when you and I could better spend it creating new positive thoughts that uplift, inspire and innovate.
When I look out the front window of the RV, and the river we’re camped near, I feel a sense of awe as I watch three Blue Herons swoop down and brave the chilly waters.
The whooshing of the river as it flows over rocks and boulders reminds me that Nature is in control. And I am not.
Observing the☀️ plays hide and seek through the frosty white and gray clouds, I’m also reminded of the god Shiva’s dance of concealment and revealment.
If we pause long enough, we breathe into the portal of possibility where the external world slows and suspends. Giving our minds and bodies a much-needed rest.
And like a 🐶 that’s been chasing its tail, eventually it will take a huge sigh of relief and settle, so too can we.
The pearl in a clam shell, is what has been concealed from you – covered over with false and limiting beliefs, negativity and fear, black and white thinking, will be revealed.
As the sun reflects off the rapids, the light of awareness glistens in the corners of your mind illuminating the layers of misperception.
Once again, revealing to you, the truth of your BRILLIANCE because…
👎you have forgotten that, at your core, you possess a unique jewel
👎you have forgotten it’s your birthright to desire more Love, more Abundance, more Freedom
👎you have forgotten that the Universe designed a perfect world, and you are an integral part of it
A world that is fluid and sinuous, urging you to reclaim yourself.
Urging you to remember that your life is a co-creation with Her, the river goddess Saraswati, goddess of flow, sequence and divine order.
Saraswati beckons you to exclaim…
💖I am not unworthy of love. I am Love.
💖I am not too old to fan the flames of my desire. I am created from Desire.
💖I am not selfish to want more. My DNA is devised for Expansion.
 I encourage you to carve out time in your busy life to do nothing – nothing except be in the company of your own self.
Give your soul the space to speak to you of its desires and its fears. So, you learn to see the bigger picture of your life.
Begin the process of owning what scares you.
Then step into the boat of your life, take a comfortable seat and lean back.
Trust that the goddess knows how to navigate through the currents…and enjoy the ride.
With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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