“Are You Going Down with the Ship?”

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:

How was your week?

Do you feel Spring in the air?

Have you done something that made you smile or laugh out loud?

Did you receive the grace of wonder while holding your grandchild, watching the sun rise or sit in the company of your Brilliant self?

If not, why not

I know that for many of us the impact from the pandemic has left us discouraged and perhaps even depressed.

Yet, I want to remind you that this is a pivotal time in history.

We can either go down with the ship or pick ourselves up by the heart strings and open to a new paradigm.

You and I have choices to make❗️

When working with a friend/client this week, we were discussing our ingrained patterns that often block us from realizing the desires of our heart.

😩Even with years of personal development work the question remains, “why oh why am I still…”

The thing is, we’re never totally cleared of our accumulated karmas.

However, the great news, with commitment to staying aware, your expanded and true self grows larger than the rabble rousers that live inside your head talking trash.

You with me here, Love?

As we continued to identify two main characters that stuck their foot out, tripping my client up, she came to the realization that she has forgotten to have fun.

Somewhere along the line of marriage, divorce, single parenting, building a business, phew…my client shoved her spontaneous, joyful self, deep down in her psyche because she felt overwhelmed and had no time for fun.

At least that’s what one of her subversive voices insisted.

The lie though, is that she was totally out of balance.

😡No joy, no fun experiences, only results, in hardening and closing one’s spirit down.

Shutting out joy and living with tunnel vision is short-sighted.

Joy, fun, laughter opens you up to the wonder of life.

🌟These are the qualities of your higher self, your legacy self, your Brilliance.

Aligning with these higher vibrational qualities you actually enjoy more of what life offers you.

Plus, you’re better able to handle the vicissitudes of life as well.

As time went on and my client paused, I asked her to repeat something I heard her say a few times over the course of our call.

She said she wanted to experience more fun. And to be more spontaneous.

So, of course being the word jumbler that I often am, I chuckled, “well what about adopting a new mantra. ‘I am funtaneous.’”

We both laughed out loud, and her response was, “YES!”

💃🏻My mission for you, if you choose to take it, is for you to join my client and me as we repeat the mantra, “I am funtaneous.”

Sit down for a few minutes today with your journal. Jot down 10 things that bring you joy.

Mix it up, like buying yourself yellow daffodils because they make you smile.

Hop in your car and drive to the mountains, or the beach, and feel the soft breeze on your skin.

Put one of your old favorite tunes on loud and shake your hips until you’ve cleared the doldrums and created fresh space around you.

I urge you, let go of your resistance and instead go have yourself at least one new joyful experience.

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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