Holy Days Remind Us…

Ciao and Sacred Sunday:

For many people around the world Spring is a season of holy days. From Passover and Easter to Beltane.

On the surface these holidays may appear to have nothing in common. However, if you look a little deeper, you’ll find the golden thread that weaves them together.

As well as the people who celebrate them.

Each of us, in our own way, is longing to be free. It’s a yearning that we’ve entered the world with.

While bounded by a cloak made up of flesh and bone, our soul still craves its natural state of unrestraint.

Embarking on the exploration of life on planet earth, we’ve paradoxically descended into material form, while at the same time revolving up the spiral towards spiritual ascension.

No wonder we might feel a little dazed and confused some days.

Through our descension into these human bodies we’ve forgotten, as if experiencing a temporary amnesia, that at our core essence we are nothing but pure boundless love and freedom.

As a result, while in this temporary state of humanhood we experience both darkness and light. It’s the nature of life and part of the journey.

Life is a cycle of joy and sorrow, ease and dis-ease, contraction and expansion.

And it’s all happening simultaneously!

These holy days remind us that…

~Life is filled with more possibilities than we ever imagined

~Life is to be celebrated for the gift it is

~Life and love are triumphant

These holy days fill us with hope and the promise of renewal.

When you embrace the truth of your humanness, learn to accept with curiosity that your fragile ego needs tending, then you can begin the ascension back to your whole and true self.

I know that may sound a little woo-woo. Or you’re wondering, great, how do I do that?

First, you take a deep breath. Next, you make a commitment to yourself – of time, money if necessary, and energy– then begin the work of tending to your inner garden.

This holy season is the absolute perfect time to dislodge the winter weeds of discontent and turn the rich soil of your soul.

Then plant seeds that will help you to reclaim your voice, renew your relationship with yourself or a loved one, reawaken your sensuality and receive the desires of your heart.

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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