Why More Is Better – Say Wha?!

Ciao Amica Mia,

It’s been almost two years since the publication of my book THE BREAKAWAY GIRL: SECRETS OF A TANTRIC YOGI. So much has happened since then that I never imagined.

One of the most impactful experiences of course was the loss of two of my most favorite and inspiring people, my mom and dad. While I did my best to prepare myself for the inevitable journey of walking with them through their final days, I must be honest, that’s an impossible task.

However, thank goodness for my practices. The gift that eventually arose from the grief and loss was a renewed sense of purpose and passion for life. And for the work I do.

In one of the final conversations I had with my mom she urged me to continue to do my work. My own inner work, and the work I offer. She shared that her generation didn’t have mentors or role models and how important she felt it was. It seemed especially poignant for her.

As a first-generation Italian American, my mom’s role in the family and the youngest of five children, was to help her immigrant parents learn to navigate a new world. A whole lot was expected of her.

What she saw in me was a hope realized. A hope that she and my dad held that their children would succeed in having more.

It wasn’t the more of materialism they wished for my brothers and me. But the more that we speak of in Tantric philosophy. When your basic needs are met, a beautiful thing happens. A space opens up and opportunities present themselves for you to experience MORE of life itself. And more of YOU. Think of it as Grace.

There’s a concept one of my teachers offers and it’s something like this, “we’re all here to experience as many faces of the goddess as possible”. What that means is don’t listen to the limiting BS your mind likes to chatter away at. Don’t get stuck in the muck of your story. Don’t squander your life.

Instead be a breakaway girl, take a leap of faith and step beyond your comfort zone. It helps to first learn what powers the goddesses carry, the powers that are innately yours.

The goddesses invite you to dance in the light. They ignite the spark of courage in order for you to fight your inner resistance and take authorship of your life, so you create something new. The divine feminine power of the goddesses within assures you that it’s OK to stumble and fall. All you have to do is grasp their energetic hand and get right back up again.

Then I’m pretty sure they’ll give you a swift kick to your backside and whisper in your ear, “now dang it, you can do this. Go out there and live a life of full throttle engagement”.

Why not meet me on the inside and come play and learn the tools to embody your divine powerful essence. I have a few spots left for next week’s two-day dive into your very own goddess super-powers.
(Plus, a special guest speaker and a sacred sound bath meditation.)

I can’t wait for you to go out there and BE more!


With so much love,

Xoxo, Paulette

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