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Oh My Gosh – It was Crazy!

I can’t sleep. Tossing and turning. My husband and dog softly snoring. I slip out of bed. Grab my water. Pad to my office on the other side of the house. Fire up my computer. Start writing. 

Sometimes when I’m writing it’s agonizingly slow. But tonight I’m in a rhythm. Words flowing in the dark of night.

A distant rumble. And then a herd of elk pounding across the roof. No. It’s a micro-burst. Wait. Are there people stampeding. I think the foam roof is being ripped off.

What the heck. Could it be an earthquake? From the sky?

I run back to the bedroom. Surely my husband knows what’s happening. He and the dog still sound asleep. My heart pounding as loudly as the elk. 

“Steve! Steve! There’s someone on the roof. “Steve, geez. Wake up.”

“What? What’s wrong?”

“I heard something. Didn’t you hear it?”

“I was sound asleep.”

“It’s bizarre. It sounded like someone was ripping the roof off. Or animals fighting on the ceiling.”

“Maybe it was a cat.”

“A cat!!!”

Next morning we’re sipping our coffee. He looks up from his phone, “We had an earth quake last night.”

What the heck. Since I’ve spent a great deal of my adult life working on not being “chicken little” let me tell you – that news was un-nerving. 

In teaching hatha yoga I often instruct students to, “press the four corners of your feet into the earth.” Stabilize your foundation.” “Ground through your legs.”

The truth is, the earth moves. Blocks of earth shift, collide, and grind against one another. Causing deep ravines and canyons. Changing the earth’s landscape in a ridiculous second.

The earth is volatile. Unpredictable. And, sometimes the sky does fall.

Sound like your life yet?

While the practice of hatha yoga teaches the physical body through alignment principles, actions and poses. It also teaches the energetic body. Yoga speaks to the inner core. 

Breath. Open to grace. Set your foundation. Draw into the mid-line. Yes, they are instructions for poses. They are also instructions for your life. 

Years ago I lived in San Francisco. Everyone I knew packed their car with an earth quake essential emergency kit. 

Seek the foundation inside, and anchor into the core essence of you, is your go to gear.

Now you might experience an inner collision. A fissure. But, use the tools contained in your trusty bag. Continue to search through it until you find that part of you that is stronger than you think.  That tiny bit of you which is undisturbed by the seismic turbulence of life. 

You’ll find it by getting on your mat. Sitting on your cushion. Breathing. Praying. And always, always give thanks that you survived. Cliche as it is, “this too shall pass.”

With love, 


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