Mother’s Day Gift For You

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:
Not everyone has been blessed, as I was, with a beautiful relationship with their mother.
May 30th will be the third anniversary of my mom’s passing. I miss her dearly.
I often think of the legacy of love that my mother demonstrated each day of her life.
I strive to live my life so I too may be an example of a “living legacy.”
If you were not so gifted as I, I’m imagining that at one time or another you have been in the company of an extraordinary woman who inspired and uplifted you.
What’s important to remember, on what I call Hallmark holiday’s, is that we are never alone.
While we may often forget and feel lonely, the truth is we are always held in the loving arms of the Maha Shakti…the Great Mother of All.

Years ago, I was attending a workshop when my teacher declared, “Always remember that the Shakti has your back.”
It was a particularly challenging time in my life, and while I wasn’t able to totally imbibe the sentiment, I decided right then and there that I would act as if I believed it 110%.
Slowly, I became drenched in that truth.
The Maha Shakti indeed always has your highest and best interest at heart.
Even when you and I are deep in the midst of the storm, the center point, the stillness and steadiness is Her.
So, on this day dedicated to the Maha Shakti, my incredible mother and amazing mothers of all ages, cultures, spiritual beliefs, and to the brilliant men who love or have been loved by such a woman, I’m offering you a Mother’s Day special savings.
My 1:1 coaching call is normally priced at $275.
Schedule a call now through the end of May and receive 50% off!
I look forward to helping you reignite your commitment to making YOU a priority.
In just 60 minutes, we’ll identify the BIGGEST missing ingredient from your life right now and what you can start doing immediately to start living like you MEAN it.
Let me help you to experience More Love, More Beauty, More Freedom and More Joy.
If not now, then when?

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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