Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:

This week I’m so excited to give a shout out to my friend Clarissa Burt.
Clarissa has celebrated over 30 years in the entertainment industry. As a sought-after runway model, award winning actress, film producer, the list goes on.
“Clarissa was recently awarded the Certificate of Global Honor by the University of Pune, India and the “Women of Excellence” Award by the Women’s Economic Forum in Los Angeles.
Special Mentions: Ms. Burt’s extensive international social work garnered her two private audiences with Pope John Paul II. As a women’s advocate and a leader of social change for a new standard of living, Clarissa was instrumental as Ambassador to the United States for the Walking Africa campaign that awarded African Women the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011.
Currently:  Clarissa is CEO/Founder of In the Limelight multi-media platform for women entrepreneurs. The In the Limelight Media mission aims to elevate the position and condition of
women entrepreneurs globally both personally and professionally, providing educative, entertaining, and empowering content.”
With her numerous credentials and awards what I admire most about Clarissa is her commitment to empowering women, her loving generous heart and a smile that lights up a room.
A short time before I left Arizona, Clarissa invited me to be a guest on her IN THE LIMELIGHT podcast. As you can imagine we had a fun time. I assure you; it’s never boring with Clarissa.
In case you’ve missed it, I’m sharing the podcast with you here today.
Plus, her fall 2021 issue, IN THE LIMELIGHT, is informative and uplifting. Check out the cover!
So, on this Sacred Sunday, I’m happy to share with you a great read and a great conversation.
Enjoy and be inspired.
With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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