Svatantrya – True Freedom

Ciao Amica Mia,
Here in the United States, we’re celebrating the fourth of July and Independence Day. Plus, it’s a full moon and another lunar eclipse. Holy Cannoli, it’s intense!
Unfortunately, this year mandatory mask wearing while in public in many states, physical distancing and stay at home recommendations make family barbecues and gatherings, that honor our freedoms, few and far between.  
You may also find yourself greatly disappointed not being able to throw a blanket on the sweet summer grass, picnic basket nearby, and gaze up into the night sky sparkling with brilliance.
While dazzling firework displays of red, white and blue are symbols of freedom and liberty, I want you to remember that true freedom resides within.
From a tantric yoga perspective, freedom is your birthright. Similar to Grace – you need not earn it, you simply need learn how to access the limitless well-spring of self-reliance. It’s called Svatantrya in Sanskrit.
If you’re like me, more than halfway into 2020 and still in the midst of a pandemic, I sometimes don’t feel very independent or free. However, when I remember to pause, draw my awareness inward, and spend time in the sacred landscape of my own being, I’m often able to swim in the boundless ocean of inner freedom. It’s the vast space where self-sovereignty flows.
Outer circumstances may arise that are out of your control, such as this unusual time we’re living in. You might even be feeling imprisoned by the constraints of sheltering in place.
And on top of the Covid crisis, we’re observing in so many areas of our lives and social structures divisive rhetoric and the crumbling of outdated paradigms. We feel out of control and uncertain. That’s normal. But I don’t want you to fall down that rabbit hole. Instead, what I want is for you to take authorship of you.
What I want is for you to remember that always, always, in the depths of your being – you remain free.
So, here’s my challenge. For 30 days make a commitment to a practice, one that you choose. A practice that helps you tap into your inner fortitude and the expanse of freedom that is inherently yours.
Wherever you live on this glorious planet – I wish you the remembrance of Svatantrya.
May all beings be well.
May all beings be safe.
May all beings be free.
With lots of love, xoxo Paulette
P.S. If you missed the interview with my friend and colleague, Lisa Kneller, you can watch it on the link below. Lisa asks me to define my top four tips to be a Breakaway Girl (guy). And what it means to live your legacy. Our conversation was a rich. Enjoy.

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