Invite Grace

Ciao Amica Mia,

This Sacred Sunday comes to you during a powerhouse of a rare solar eclipse and the summer solstice. I’m not fluent in astrology so I’ll leave that to the experts. What I do know and want to share with you, is that this is a time of even greater intensity. 2020 continues on with full force.
This particular solstice and eclipse, after much turmoil, is actually a time of re-birth. Each of us is being asked to step up with our voices and our actions to help create the change we desire to see in the world.
So, today I’d like to circle back to the beginning days of the pandemic and re-visit some thoughts and insights that I shared. While many have suffered greatly these past several months, it was inevitable that something was coming to shake, rattle and roll us. But the good news is, while we may not feel it yet, there is hope for a brighter world.
In non-dual Tantric yoga philosophy, there’s a fundamental principle called: the Pancha Kriyti-the five acts of Shiva, or the five acts of consciousness. Depending on what stream of tantric yoga you align with, Shiva either represents the Divine with a capital D, or the divine within you, your higher self, your legacy self.
The teachings tell us that out of the dark depths of potentiality (the feminine creative life force called Shakti), Shiva, her consort, dances life into manifestation. This phenomenon has many names and is often referred to as the Dance of Bliss. Shiva, symbolized as the cosmic dancer, represents the five acts: Creation, Sustenance, Dissolution, Concealment and Revealment.
Stay with me here my friend, as tantric philosophy also teaches that like Shiva, we too perform these five actions. Every day.
If we pay attention, we’ll learn to see that everything that occurs in the universe, in the world, in our personal life, all emanates from these acts.
Creation: a stepping down of vibration from spirit into matter. It’s a manifesting current.
Sustenance: the energy that holds all life forms together whether visible to you or not. This energy gives the illusion of solidity.
Dissolution: the outer world dissolves back into the inner world. From matter back into spirit. It’s a liberating current.
Concealment: in life we often forget who we are at our essence. We forget our basic goodness. It’s as if we have blinders on obscuring the purity of our core.
Revealment: the blinders are removed. The light of consciousness is revealed. Once again, we remember the auspiciousness of our legacy hearts.
And Grace. Grace is a boon-our bonus gift. Grace is always one breath away. Grace is freely given. Grace supports us as we navigate life. Grace is what happens when we reconnect to our essential being.
We need only remember to invite Grace in.
The point I want you to take away is that we are currently living in a magnification of the five actions of consciousness. Many aspects of our social structures are breaking down. In subtle and violent ways. In logical and illogical ways. In seemingly negative and sometimes positive ways.
What we’re being asked to do right now is to open our eyes, our minds and certainly our hearts. To be aware and begin to notice these actions taking place globally and personally. To not let our emotions stir us so much that we forget -that all will be well.
Then ask Grace to carry you through with ease and flow.
~So that you remember who you truly are.
~So that you face the fears that roar and see what’s there for you to learn.
~So that you begin to walk the path of re-membering yourself.
~So that you put yourself, your life, your world back together again in more sustainable, equitable, creative and grace-filled ways.
~So that you become your legacy self.
Ask Grace to guide you, lead you, show you the way and trust that this time we’re living in and through, is advanced yoga.
With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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