Beauty. Blessings. And Bullshit.

It’s been six weeks since our little band of mystic heart pilgrims and I were surrounded by the beauty and blessings that is Bali.

I close my eyes and return to the lush green rice paddies that terrace the landscape. Black lava pujas or free-standing altars dot the fields. Prayers flags wave a greeting in the soft morning breeze.

In my mind’s eye, I spy a villager walking the path that meanders through the fields. He stops, places his cotton bag on the earth, faces the altar and closes his eyes. Then joining his hands together in prayer, he rests them against the front of his chest. Bowing his head, the villager begins the quiet steady murmur of a chant.

I inhale and the remembrance of frangipani flowers intermingling with fragrant incense enlivens my senses. I’m transported back to the devotion and offerings of love that make up the everydayness of the Balinese.

Stepping into their lives brought us mystic heart pilgrims a greater awareness of what it means to live a life of spiritual dedication. Each one of us made a conscious decision to return home and commit to creating more beauty and to acknowledge the blessings that we so often take for granted as a society of the privileged.

It’s easy to make grand proclamations when held in the container that is Bali. Not so easy to follow through when you re-enter contemporary life and the bullshit it brings.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a yogi who enjoys ritual and loves to create more beauty. So that’s not the issue. The issue is our world is topsy-turvy. Our outer alignment is not reflecting with our inner intentions. People are running on adrenaline, the stress hormone. No wonder, for crying out loud, we as a society are anxiety ridden and addicted to pharmaceuticals.

I don’t have the answers. I’m not even sure I have the right questions to ask. But one thing I witnessed in the paradox of Bali is that the people have learned how to navigate an encroaching western mind-set while not compromising what is their inherent allegiance to godliness.

They never forget that life is a gift to be thankful for, not squandered. That devotion to family and respect for the elderly is paramount. That kindness and joy is foundational to a life well-lived. That nature itself is in charge, not the people. That the earth is our mother and she needs our care not our indifference or arrogance.

For me, joining together with my community of mystic hearts, while sitting in the sacredness of yogic teachings, helps me re-anchor. Grounds and connects me to what I consider sacrosanct. Brings about peace and a renewed sense of hope for humanity.

If you’re like me and you are feeling the turbulence and the high speed at which life is moving, like a meteor aiming straight at you – you might be wondering how to navigate these troubling times (see below).

With so much love,

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