Re-branding Kali

Ciao Amica Mia,

If you’re at all familiar with the Hindu goddesses, chances are you’ve heard of Kali. I’ve spoken of her many times. And if you’ve read my book, The Breakaway Girl, you know I’ve written about her too.
She’s a force to be reckoned with – no doubt about it. I call her the original Badass Breakaway Girl. Kali, in her fierce love for humanity has no time for B.S. In fact, one of her main objectives is to slash through the bull shit and get to the truth.
Kali energy arises in the world when it appears as though civilization is threatened. Umm…like now perhaps?
Her image is often frightening. Old and haggard looking with long tongue licking the blood of demons from the earth, bloody fangs showing through a grimace and the dead skulls of her enemies worn as a necklace. Her blue-black skin dark as night and an apron of hands worn around her waist.
You might be wondering, “why would any sane person want to invoke her powers?”
Known for her ability to destroy as well as create, she’s not an easy goddess to love for many of us. Kali is an in your face goddess, and she terrifies!
Hence, why I believe Kali is due for a re-branding. I want you to pause for a moment and consider the idea that instead of seeing her as the big bad instigator of destruction, Kali is a reconstructionist.
Kali is here now at this time to help us regenerate, renew and reestablish ourselves in what we hold dear.
I believe that yes, we are living in the era of Kali. Her energy has surfaced at a pivotal time in history. And like Cher in Moonstruck, she’s slapping us across the face along with a resounding, “snap out of it”.
What’s important to remember is that Kali is the great mother of all. Indeed, her energy is one of tough love.
But love she is. And love is what she’s calling us to be. Kali reminds us that it’s in the darkness that potential and possibility lie.
Kali is asking us to reevaluate our beliefs, values and our dharma – what we are uniquely here to do in the world; what essential gem only we can give.
Consider that our collective time of sheltering-up is actually a time of cocooning. A time of insulation. If you let it be.
Then ask yourself these questions…
~Who was I in January 2020?
~Who am I today?
~Who do I want to be upon reentry to a new world?
~Who can I be?
~Who am I the possibility of?
Be well my friend!
With so much love and appreciation,
Xoxo Paulette
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