Wait! What Did She Say?

Ciao and Sacred Sunday:

It’s mid-September already!  Geez, don’t you wonder what sneaky tunnel time disappears into?

I imagine though if you’re like me you’re enjoying the gradual slide into autumn.

While I’m not a huge pumpkin spice kinda girl, I adore witnessing the leaves change from shades of green, to golden yellow, burnt orange and brown, passionate purple and rust.

🍁It feels as though the “handiwork of heaven” is on full display.

As we linger in this in-between time, before fall has fully arrived, I’m curious…

❓What was the number one thing you did this summer that brought you immense joy

❓Was it time spent outdoors hiking, biking, or swimming in the ocean

❓Leisure activities with your family and friends

❓Sitting at the beach devouring a great read

❓Or was it more internal

Like a major shift in mindset.

Maybe you experienced a spectacular Aha, that is already bringing you more of what your heart is craving.

For me personally, it’s been a little bit of it all.

And what I’ve chosen to take on as my personal “homework” this fall, and winter (and spring and summer) is watching my mind and retraining my brain.

🧠I know, it’s kind of geeky. And I LOVE it. Because to really experience immense joy, you must start with your mindset.

🧠If your brain is giving you mixed signals, it’s like a GPS that’s gone haywire. Has that ever happened to you?

You’re driving along and “the lady”, as my mom used to call the voice in my GPS, suddenly demands you turn right, or make a U-turn, when you know that’s just not the direction you’re to follow.

Yet your mind begins to doubt your inner knowing.

Wait, what did she say? I’m to make a left turn at the corner. But that’s east and we need to turn west. I better pull over because, “the lady” knows better than me.

🗣How many times have you second-guessed yourself?

🗣How many times have you let your mis-guided thoughts take control and lead you down the alleyway where scary shit hangs out?

Instead of guiding you towards the path of your heart and your joy?

If you’re anything like me, it’s been way too many times!

The question is, are you still allowing your limiting/false beliefs and black and white thinking to be the driver of your desires?

Oh, my love it’s really time to stop❗️

💃🏻I want you to pull over right this second and check your internal Goddess Power System, because that Badass and Brilliant Lady needs to be recalibrated.

And if you’re not sure where to begin – hop on over to my private Facebook group, Paulette Bodeman Breakaway (link below) where I teach a Master Class on The Miracle of Mindset.

I know it will be time well spent and the teachings will definitely help you reboot your system.

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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