Have You Ever Wondered…

Ciao and Sacred Sunday:

I’m excited to share with you more of the Hanuman mythology.

I imagine like me you often feel disheartened with the way of the world. Which then leaves us feeling helpless.

So, gaining strength from the stories of the ancient gods and deities is appropriate right now.

As there are so many layers and textures to the Hanuman stories, I’ll keep it simple.

Let’s start with, why is he a monkey?

Hanuman as a monkey dressed in royal garb serves to demonstrate our primal animal nature as well as our cultured and civilized self.

He’s a shape shifter that easily adapts to his environment and whatever current situation he’s navigating.

As I mentioned in last week’s Sacred Sunday, Hanuman was born with 8 siddhis, or super-powers:

🎯Ability to reduce his size and become as minute as he wishes

🎯Ability to increase his size and become as large as he wishes

🎯Ability to increase his weight infinitely

🎯Ability to become lighter than the lightest

🎯Ability to engage his extra-sensory perceptions

🎯Ability to entrain and lead all sentient beings

🎯Ability to destroy and create

🎯Ability to see what’s possible and manifest his heart’s desires

I also shared that as a protective measure for Hanuman himself and others, the god Indra cast a spell of forgetfulness of his powers – with the caveat, until such time that Hanuman’s powers were needed in service for the greater good.

The cool part is that it would take Hanuman’s friends to remind the monkey god of his forgotten capabilities.

Though what was required to utilize his gifts was for Hanuman to take a leap of faith.

Sound familiar?

You and I have unique qualities and strengths that when activated become our super-powers.

You and I have the choice to live fully and engage life.

 Or let it slip through our fingers like water.

I’m here to remind you friend, that while scary, in order to breakaway from the restraint of self-doubt, fear and uncertainty you need to take a leap of faith.

I wonder, have you ever asked yourself, “what is my soul yearning to come through me in this one life?”

Do you even know

Are you pushing it away because taking skillful action feels too hard

Or maybe you don’t know where to start

Do you feel that you have too many birthdays on you

The truth is the planet needs each one of us to live to our fullest potential.

And that means YOU too!

I’m all about helping you breakaway to breakthrough. When you’re ready let me know.

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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