I’m So Excited …

Ciao and Happy LOVE day to you …
I’m SO excited to be with you this Sacred Sunday.
I have good news to share.
Good news! I hope that feels like an unexpected, pleasant surprise as opposed to feeling bombarded by the bad news we receive daily.
Bear with me as I first share a few thoughts.
However, if you’re like me somedays it’s as though I’m being blasted with “psychic free radicals” as author Caroline Myss describes it.
Those days I feel so covered over in other people’s stuff that I need a spiritual shower.
I say this without judgement. It’s been a tough year collectively.
Clearly, more difficult for some of us than others.
I know I’ve urged you in the past to look for the blessing in all situations.
Because the truth is, I do believe that even in the most difficult circumstances, once you’re no longer in the pain of it, you will find the gold.
Yet, if we’re radically honest with ourselves, you and I, and every last one of us living on this planet have been under tremendous stress. More like distress.
And while on one hand you may feel a bit of a lightening up, the flip side to that is you’re probably still juggling a lot of plates in the air.
Each plate representing aspects of your life. With your thoughts and emotions being served.
From joy and wonder, sadness and sorrow, loneliness or anger to fear.
The thing is you can’t simply toss your thoughts and emotions in the trash like yesterday’s leftovers.
Instead, you have to deal with what shows up on your plate. Or these thoughts and sensations and emotions will return to bite you in the butt.
It’s just a matter of knowing how to deal with it all. How to work with what’s in front of you. Day by day. Hour by hour. Moment by moment. And even breath by breath.
As I continue on my personal journey of healing and evolution, I too search for the golden nuggets that arise out of my own life experiences.
Plus, I’ve been asking my legacy self, my higher guidance, how do I best serve in ways that uplift and inspire both my community and me?  
That’s why I’m so happy to announce my 3 new offerings that have been simmering in the cookpot of my heart.
I’m now taking applications for my 3-month private coaching experience to help you shift your mindset and energy in order to live your most thrilling decade ever.
Work With Me
“Ask Paulette” gives you 24/7 access to me by submitting a written question you have regarding an issue in your life that you’d like coaching guidance on.
This program is offered for members only.
Tuition: $35.00 per month or $348.00 annually ($72 Savings)
Ask Paulette
THE MIRACLE OF MINDSET A FREE 60-minute Live Master Class
Wednesday, February 17th @ Noon Arizona time / 2:00pm Eastern /  11:00am Pacific
Facebook Master Class
Note: in last week’s Sacred Sunday you were given the incorrect link
Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.
I look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon.
With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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