Do You Need a Holy Truth Teller

“We need holy witnesses in our lives: those who love us enough to tell us the truth.”  Caroline Myss

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you
When I read those words above, my heart rejoiced!
I believe there’s never been a time in our global and personal history, that having a holy witness with whom you trust, is so vital.
Once upon a time, I was deeply involved in a community where the concept of holy truth witnessing and sacred truth telling was not modeled or given permission to by the founder.
After many years of avoidance, spiritual by-passing, buffering, you name it; the erupted like a bad case of irritable bowel syndrome.
Blasting through the bull allowed the truth to finally be exposed. Yet, it doesn’t have to go down like that.
Waiting for a karmic cluster explosion instead of facing hard truths causes damage. Sometimes irreparable damage.
While often uncomfortable to both holy witnesser, and holy receiver, it’s an act of courage and love for both parties involved.
We humans are often not able to see ourselves clearly. We’re blinded by our biases, defenses and coping mechanisms when under stress. And simple, though perhaps unhealthy, daily habituations.
Having a trusted witness in our corner to reflect back to us when our thinking seems off, or how far we’ve deviated from our core values, is essential for living a life of integrity and purpose.
Without a holy truth teller your brilliance risks being diminished, like your smartphone that’s losing its charge.
⚡️My heart not only sang with joy for the certainty of such a concept, my heart was also pierced through with a lightning bolt of awareness; for me, a holy witness – holy truth teller, is the definition of a coach.
Whose only agenda is supporting you on your journey of personal growth and evolution.
And is willing to meet you where you’re at. While at the same time a great coach is not afraid to be honest with you in order to help you move from what yoga calls “concealment to revealment”.
So, that you can live full out. And into your future self. The self that yearns to live authentically.
There are many pivotal times in life when we’re cloaked or blocked from taking that next empowering step towards a fuller, fresher version of ourselves.
              Your first-born son is heading off to college and your heart is sad.
            You’ve reached a marker birthday and you can’t believe where the years have gone.
            You’re retiring from a successful 35-year career and you’re wondering, now what?

           ✅ The pandemic has zapped your inspiration and creativity and you need an energetic reboot and mindset shift.  
That my friend is exactly when your trusted holy witness and truth teller needs to walk the path with you.
That’s exactly when you’re guided to remember:
 Yeah, that’s who I really am‼️
That’s what my spirit is craving‼️
This is what my soul longs to experience‼️
Oh, that’s how I do it‼️
I have to admit, I’m in love with my new definition of a coach.
The fact is not everyone resonates with the word or idea of “coach”. 
Whether it’s business, sports, marketing, or in my case, integrative empowerment coach.
But holding the space of holy witness and holy truth teller, I say hell yeah! That’s exactly what I do and who I am in mentoring you through your process of self-actualization.
And of course, I also give practical strategies and tools, consult and resources.
The beauty of what I do is hold a mirror up, to remind you of who you are and who you want to become in this lifetime. No matter what phase of your life, no matter your age, I’ll support you in the journey.
Honestly, I love being a coach and I love my clients. I truly hope one day soon you’ll want to work with me. It would be an honor to collaborate as your holy witness and holy truth teller.
And if it’s not me, I encourage you to find someone who loves you, warts and all.
Someone who also has the ability and capacity to hold the sacred crucible of change.
With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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