What’s Workin’ Ya?

Ciao Amica Mia,

Years ago, I was introduced to the work of cultural anthropologist, author and educator Angeles Arrien. I remember listening enthralled to her lectures on cassette tape while driving. Yep, that’s how long ago it was!
Ms. Arrien traveled the world researching indigenous cultures and listening to the wisdom of the elders. In her study of various religions, archetypes and myths she discovered the commonality that wove diverse peoples together.
The golden thread we share is the desire for true connection and meaning in our lives. Plus, as I wrote about in last week’s blog, each of us possess, no matter our DNA, a deep inner longing that is unique to us.
One of my most favorite stories I recall Ms. Arrien sharing is that of the Appalachian mountain people and how they greeted one another: “What’s workin’ ya? What’s learnin’ ya?”
I fell so in love with the greeting and the idea behind it, that I often used the queries in my teaching and coaching.  As a result of the unusual time we’re living in I believe strongly that “some-thing, some-shadow, some-need, some-deeper longing” is “workin’ ya”.
And since you’re a part of my Breakaway community I also believe that you’re willing to let this crisis “learn ya”.
What’s needed to do the work though is the confidence to take a dive into the depths of your own consciousness. This necessary ingredient is non-negotiable.
No matter how tired you and I might be of hearing it, life as we knew it truly is gone. While looking back wistfully to what was, or attempting to return to normal, will only cause more stress and anxiety.

We can no longer afford to buffer or spiritual by-pass our thoughts and emotions. Or look away from the reality of what is.

Instead, I want you to take authorship and own that this crazy wild time is actually the perfect time to expand what you’ve thought possible and crystalize a new vison for your life.
I understand that may be hard for you to do with uncertainty still in front of us. So, I urge you to take a little time today and ask, “what’s workin’ me? What’s learnin’ me?”
Then consider, where do I want to go from here? What is the longing of my heart? What is one actionable step I can take and begin to live my legacy today?
Think of these contemplations as laying the foundation for re-entry into a world that is redefining itself and invite your higher guidance to offer insight.
I know it may feel like a lot. But you’re not alone. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know how I can assist you in taking skillful steps forward. I look forward to hearing from you.

With so much love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette


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