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Saluti Cari Cuori (Greetings Dear Hearts)

Spero che stiate tutto bene. (I hope you are all well.) Ho avuto una brutta influenza. (I’ve had a nasty flu.) E sto prendendo lezioni di Italiano. (And, I’m taking Italian classes.)

Let’s just say thank goodness for google translate because at my age learning a language does not come easy! What was I thinking?

I suppose I was thinking that somehow I’d hear a word or phrase that held the secret to unlocking my Italian lineage. Then magically my DNA would spring into action and just like that I’d be fluent. Ha ha… not yet anyway.

Though to be frank, during my morning meditation rituals, I’ve been having serious conversations with my long deceased maternal grandmother. They go something like this, “come on Grandma, help me out here. Can’t you do something on the other side and upload some understanding? I know you can do this. Remember when we were little and you spoke only in Italian to us? Can you speak to me now through my dreams?”

I’ll keep you posted on how that’s going. So far, niente. Though I do feel her energetically. I always did have the capacity to feel my grandmother’s presence around me. Especially as a little girl in the early days after she passed. I know it’s a little out there. And I shut it down for long periods of my life as it seemed too weird and even frightening.

But that doesn’t scare me anymore. In fact feeling my grandmother’s presence is actually a comfort. While I’m not sure she’ll allow me to take the easy road and upload me with Italian conversational fluency, I do believe that she often sends me messages through my dreams and inspirations.

What I’m feeling at this time in my life is the importance of lineage healing. The world, this planet, our country is at a crossroads. It’s apparent to all, no matter what side of the political spectrum you find yourself aligned with, that we need massive healing. I’ve always believed it begins with the individual.

We can not heal the masses unless we first heal ourselves. I look at my uneducated immigrant grandmother and I’m proud to be her granddaughter. She crossed the Atlantic at 17 to marry my grandfather. A man she barely knew. They created a beautiful life. Yet it was fraught with difficulties and loss.

I’m one of the first of my generation to have earned a college degree. Until then it was the unthinkable. So many strong remarkable women came before me. Yet these same women were subjected to an arduous life of poverty. 

Within the strands of my DNA I hold the memories of many generations. From deep love to great pain and suffering. Often I feel that in the dream time my grandmother plants seeds of courage, intelligence, and insight that I may have the awareness and the strength to break the chains of the downtrodden and fling wide open the doors of healing and empowerment.

It’s one of the reasons Denise and I are going to Bali. She too feels the call to heal the lineage of pain. It is our responsibility to do so. For if we heal ourselves we help heal the generations to come.

Consciousness is needed on the planet more now than ever. What better place than in exquisite Bali to continue your personal healing journey. And be in the company of other magnificent committed souls. Denise and I are thrilled to share that we’ve invited a Balinese shaman to assist us in this deep powerful work. 

Join us for a truly once in a lifetime experience of mystery, transformation, and magical beauty.

These are tumultuous times. It’s even more vital that we bring the practice of meditation into our lives. Join me for an afternoon of peace in the midst of the storm. If you’ve been to one of my teachings you’ll know how passionate I am about it. Plus, new content will be presented.

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