What’s Your Longing?

Ciao Amica Mia,

I hope you’re well on this Sacred Sunday and that the grace and glory of spring is beginning to blossom within.
As long as I can remember, I often felt like I didn’t belong. Yet, oddly enough I also understood that I did belong and that everything in the natural world was a part of me and I was a part of it.
Even as a young child, I found myself questioning the dogma of the church, the meaning of life and my place in it. I fiercely sought to know why I, Paulette, was alive on this planet. This restlessness continued through the years.
Then alas, miraculously in my late thirties I read “When the Heart Waits” by Sue Monk Kidd. Somehow Ms. Kidd entertained a supernatural power to know how dissatisfied and confused I felt about the religious doctrine I was born into. Otherwise how else were her words able to leap off the page and penetrate the secret chambers of my heart?
Reading about the author’s personal journey of spiritual crisis, and awakening, soothed the ache of my own discontent.
As a wife, mother of a precocious child and a woman in search of something I could not name, Sue Monk Kidd’s writing was an invitation to explore what I later realized was my unique soul’s calling. The author went on to write a number of extraordinary books that through the years continued to guide, mentor from a far and hold me in the container of her spiritual transformation.
I’ve found her writing to be brave, whether fiction or non-fiction. She gave me permission to be a woman who questions everything and one who seeks solace in sisterhood and wisdom of the self. Once again Ms. Kidd has captivated me with her latest book.
“The Book of Longings” is not only bold in its storytelling, but an inspiring and unforgettable read about the human side of Jesus and the intelligent, passionate, daring young woman who loved and married him. (Indeed, Ana was a badass breakaway girl!)
There is so much to love about this book from the masterful prose to the compelling tale itself. However, what I particularly appreciate is the way the author weaves throughout her narrative the power and godliness of the divine feminine.
Her premise, that each of us men and women alike, inherently contain a unique “longing” that is the “holiest of holies” is an assertion that aligns exquisitely with a main tenet of Kashmiri Shaiva (tantric yoga) philosophy.
It is the Shakti, divine life force within, that ignites the flame of your heart’s desire. To put it another way, the goddess, who is nothing but holy, is the ignition, the flame and your unique longing.
And so, I’m curious friend, has your own inner longing been speaking to you during this time of sheltering-up? Have you given attention to the call of your spirit? Have you created space in which to allow the deep longing to express itself?
Or, has fear and anxiousness silenced your unique expression that begs to be heard?
I’m curious friend, after weeks of insulation are you ready to breakaway? Are you ready to set your longing free and watch it soar on wings of holiness?
I urge you to wait no longer. Now is the time to honor the calling that the source of creativity Herself has planted in the tabernacle of your heart.
Take authorship of your innermost longings, listen to your legacy voice; and begin co-creating with the divine feminine power that you possess.
Let me help you claim your birthright and move forward in this new world order. I promise to share with you my best Breakaway strategies and Legacy leadership tools.
Don’t let the pandemic freeze-frame-fatigue prevent you from answering the call. Schedule a complimentary Breakaway session and let’s connect.

With so much love and appreciation ~ xoxo Paulette

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