Sacred Sunday – Try Something New ~ It’s FREE!

Ciao Amici,

I hope that your new year is off to a beautiful beginning.

After taking time to clear away the dust on the mirror of your heart, that accumulated in 2019, may today’s reflection sparkle with the light of possibility and probability.

I call it the “PP” equation. What’s possible for your life and what’s probable. In the Tantric myths there’s a tale about the god Shiva. In this particular story, Shiva is quite the dude and an avid gambler. Now Shiva enjoys playing a game of dice that’s much like Parcheesi. The thing about our god Shiva is that he also possesses human traits.

While his super-powers include being able to create the world, maintain it and destroy it, Shiva also falls in love, gets jealous, feels lonely and even exhibits bouts of insecurity. On top of all of that, Shiva can also be a wee bit narcissistic, often full of himself and a jerk.

Sound familiar?

We also possess superpowers and human frailties. We have the ability to create the life of our dreams, sustain it and sabotage what we hold most dear. I’ve seen it in my own life, my family, with my clients and in the world around me.

As a result, for the past several months I’ve been playing with an idea, that’s not new, nor mine originally, but one that speaks to me.

It’s the understanding that we create with our minds. And we destroy with it as well. Drawing from this elemental premise, and one that science now proves, our mind is capable of shifting our perspective, changing the course of our lives and guiding us to live from our legacy self, or “higher” mind.

What I’ve created is called, THE BREAKAWAY GIRL™ Rubric. Basically, The Breakaway Girl Rubric, is a self-teaching tool that helps you to breakaway from the B.S. limiters you tell yourself.

The thing is, when you can shift your thinking, the unique vision you hold for yourself, becomes clearer. When you’re able to sweep away the muck of your story, your mind is set free to learn how to take strategic action to live your legacy every day.

Like Shiva who was willing to take a risk, but also looked to increase his odds of winning, we too have the ability to increase the “PP” equation. I believe THE BREAKAWAY GIRL™ Rubric can help you do just that.


Beliefs – limiting or false beliefs you hold concerning a circumstance or chapter in your life

Ruminations – the random thoughts that arise from your beliefs that leads you down the rumination rabbit hole

Emotions – the emotions/feelings that arise from the beliefs and the ruminations

Authorship – your assessment and rest stop. When you assess you’re better able to choose what to do with your beliefs, ruminations and emotions that have arisen regarding the specific situation. This I call taking authorship of your life. You get to choose whether or not to re-write the script.

Kinesiology – means movement. Once you’ve taken authorship of your life how will you, one, move forward? What conscious stride will you take?

Secondly, what modality will you choose to literally move the beliefs, ruminations and emotions through and out of your body? While you can rewire your brain you still need to dissipate the old impressions and propel them out of your body so that the energy doesn’t become trapped or remain stuck.

In order to help you envision, create and take skillful action in this new year, I’ve recorded an introduction to THE BREAKAWAY GIRL™ Rubric. 

The recording will explain further the breakaway rubric self-teaching tool. And give you a couple of specific examples of how to utilize it.

I’m so happy and thrilled to share this work with you. Please reach out and let me know how The Breakaway Girl Rubric supports you. It takes a little practice so don’t get discouraged. Have fun with it.

May 2020 be your year of realizing all that is possible for you.

Xoxo, Paulette



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