The BreakAway Girl – Secrets of a Tantric Yogi, is Published

I’m so excited, and truth be told I’m feeling a bit dizzy. After many months, The BreakAway Girl, has finally passed the editing and formatting process and is quite literally a published book.

The waves of emotion I’m riding right now I imagine is how my husband feels when he’s suited up, crash helmet securely fastened, six-point harness buckled up, hands firmly gripping the wheel ready for a fast lap around the track.

He’s shared with me that the anticipation he feels is a bit of a thin line. He fluctuates between excitement and joy, and “oh my God, I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

Well friends, that’s just about describes how I’m feeling tonight as I write. Yet, here I am – elated and thrilled. Also, stunned at my willingness to be transparent and vulnerable.

As a result of your support the book is gaining momentum. And my hope to share the message that while we all have personal demons that we have struggled with, transformation is possible. Again, and again and again.

I’m going to take a hold of my mala beads now, chant courageously, and hope that you enjoy the ride with me.

With Love,

Paulette Bodeman is a certified integrative life coach and an Anusara® certified yoga teacher and trainer. When Paulette’s students asked her if she’d always “had it all together”, The BreakAway Girl – Secrets of a Tantric Yogi, was born. Through self-reflection, a sacred yogic practice, Paulette realized that she’d had many significant “breakaway moments” – moments when she made conscious decisions to change her life. Throughout her 20+ years of study, Paulette moved through many phases overcoming numerous personal challenges.

The BreakAway Girl is divided into sections that she named for the Hindu Goddesses – Kali, Saraswati and Lakshmi. Only through introspection was Paulette able to understand the meaning the goddesses brought to her life, and how their energetic archetypes supported her personal growth and transformation. In keeping with a relatively new breed of contemporary writing, part memoir – part self-help, Ms. Bodeman reveals with raw honesty and humor the secrets that held her hostage and the secrets that helped to set her spirit free. While she writes with fearless determination from the trenches of personal experience the author’s ultimate message is not only universal, but life-affirming.

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