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Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:
I’m curious, have you heard of the 5 love languages?
Dr. Gary Chapman, author, speaker and therapist is well-known for his breakthrough work on how human beings naturally give and receive love.
If you’ve never heard of this idea then you might be wondering, isn’t love – love?
Well, yes and no.
What we all have in common is the desire to love and be loved.
Yet, as I often write about, we humans are unique beings. We come into the world with karmic impressions and then we’re raised in families that are imprinted by culture, religion, socio—economics; you get the picture.
So, while we all want to feel loved and offer love, the way in which we take love in and bestow it upon others looks and feels different. 
Dr. Chapman’s years of study, and with his experiential learning through his counseling practice, led him to develop what he describes as 5 different ways in which you and I want to be loved. And how we naturally demonstrate love that is highly influenced by our personality traits.
It’s eye-opening.
So much of our challenge in relationships, whether with a spouse, a child, or a friend, can be avoided if we understood our primary love language. And of course, that of the people we’re in relationship with.
Dr. Chapman identifies the 5 love languages as:
  1.  Words of Affirmation
2.  Acts of Service

3.  Receiving Gifts 

4.  Quality Time
5.  Physical Touch  
Many of us know intuitively what our primary love language is. Yet for others, not so much.
I hope on this Valentine’s Day weekend you spend a little time considering how you naturally give love and how you need to be loved.

Do you have a sense of what your primary love language is
That of the people in your intimate circle
Can you guess mine
I’d really love to hear from you. Reach out and let me know what your primary love language is.
If you have no idea, I encourage you to take Dr. Chapman’s short love language quiz. It’s fun and can be insightful and very helpful.

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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