Are You Ready to Emerge?

Ciao Amica Mia,

The other day I was having a great conversation with a client and friend of mine as I was driving to a meeting.

I’m always amazed and grateful how deep my friends and clients can go in just a few moments after hello.

We were discussing this time of year and how generally speaking a lot of us want to sleep more. And do less.

And how in some ways it feels like a contraction. As if something is wrong.

But the truth is, it’s not wrong. In fact, it’s cyclical and ancestral.

It’s also healing.

Plus, it’s a carryover from our hunter gatherer primitive relatives who needed to hunker down in the cold of winter for self-preservation. And at a time when their food source was scarce. They slept a lot as a method of conservation and protection. It wasn’t easy being them.

While we have evolved tremendously as a species, we hold certain patterns within our DNA that remain the same. It’s not always easy being us in today’s non-stop contemporary world.

Another valuable jewel that I pointed out to my client is –  in the yoga world, and specifically from an Anusara® perspective, there’s always contraction before expansion.

Physically we firm our muscles and hug in with self-love in order to create stability in our joints and bones. Energetically this action also creates a feeling of safety.

Contraction before expansion is similar to a seedling that’s encased in its shell until it’s ready to burst through with radical aliveness.

As evolutionary beings, it’s important to insulate ourselves and return to our inner essence before we take a momentous leap forward.

Before we commit to another breakaway. Before we access more of ourselves.

Before we own it’s time to heal our relationship with a family member. Own that we need to look at our money issues. Take authorship of our life in order to ensure that this new year and new decade is the best one yet.

My advice to you is listen to your body intelligence. Feel into the cycle of the season. Trust that when you’re ready to jump back in the game you’ll be ready.

Xoxo, Paulette

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