I Don’t Hate 2020!

Ciao Amica MIa
Well my friend if you’re reading this then you, like me, have made it through the wild ride that was 2020!
💥 Woo Hoo!
2020 was rife with challenges collectively and for me personally.
However, I’m resurfacing and regaining my health.
In many ways I feel like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes.
Can you relate?
I’m in awe that we are such amazing resilient creatures.
No matter how many times you, or I,  gets knocked down we each hold within the capacity to pick ourselves up, shake it off, and embrace another day. (With a little help from our support team!)
Now, as we step through the portal that is 2021, I ask that before you slam shut the door on 2020, bolt it with a padlock, and run fast and furiously away from it, to pause.
Yes…pause and take a couple of breaths.
Then get real with yourself.
Be curious…
✅When your illness is behind you…
✅When the bills get paid…
✅When your child’s schoolwork is completed…
✅When your groceries are delivered to your door…
✅When the air around you feels lighter…
✅When your breath smooths out…  
✅When your brain feels clearer…
✅When you see the morning-light begin to break through the dark of night…
are you able to find the blessing?
Are you willing to sift through the ashes and find the gem that is uniquely yours to be discovered?
Gosh, I hope so.
🦄Because the truth is, while you walk through the entry of this new year, it’s not as if you’ve flipped a switch and you’re greeted with fluffy pink clouds and unicorns.
Don’t get me wrong Love, 2021 holds SO much promise.
There are untapped possibilities that are just waiting for you to call forth.
Yet, it will require you, as it does every year, to be committed to doing your personal work.
As I slowly recovered from “the unusual virus” that could be, or maybe not be, probably was, “Covid-19” I had a hell of a lot of time to reflect.
Once my brain circuitry began to fire again.
One way I helped my brain to ignite was by getting my inner hands dirty panning through the rubble of the shitstorm that was not only our global pandemic and national crisis, but my own.
What arose from the earthen core of me is the truth that I’m a dedicated practitioner of self-inquiry, self-development and transformation… as you stand on the threshold of 2021 my question is, are you?
❓Are you ready, like me, to resurface?
❓Are you ready to re-commit to designing the life you’ve always wanted?
❓Are you ready to re-emerge stronger, with vitality, and a renewed sense of your sensuality in order to create more joy and love in your life?
While I was scared, shaky and often times resistant, I knew that the only way out of the mess I found myself in was to walk right through it.
I don’t hate 2020.
I’m sad for the pain, the suffering, and the unnecessary loss of lives.
I’m sad for the injustice that is perpetrated on innocent people.
I’m sad and even angry for many reasons, just like I imagine you are.
Yet, I don’t hate 2020.
I’m grateful that many underlying issues that we face as a global and national community, along with my own, have surfaced.
I’m relieved and grateful that I’m now rising up with a renewed sense of self.
I know what I hold dear, what I value and what I find purposeful.
🤝Hand in hand with my personal journey of self-mastery is my wish for yours.
I’m excited to be a part of the restoration in 2021!
Thank you for being in my circle.
With so much love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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