“Change is inevitable, like it or not.”

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:

Recently I read this quote, author unknown: “Improvement isn’t inevitable. Change is.” I read it, then read it again, “Improvement isn’t inevitable. Change is.”

Of course, this pithy quote took me on an inward journey.

As a coach I’m in the business of improvement, self- improvement, and that of my clients.

Clients come to me with the awareness that they want to improve their lives.

It could be a client’s desire to:

❣️better their relationship with their spouse, child, co-worker

❣️expand their business

❣️grow their philanthropy and activism

❣️increase their joy meter and social network

❣️live from purpose, create more meaning, and ignite more passion

❣️deepen their connection to their legacy self, and expand their consciousness

Whatever aspect of their lives a client wants to focus on, it’s all about self-improvement.

One of the great rewards of coaching is that I have the privilege of participating in a client’s self-generation and expansion. Working with individuals who consciously desire to develop themselves personally and professionally inspires me to do the same.

To not simply coast through life.

Well, that’s not 100% accurate. Some days it is about coasting because, lord knows, we live in a time that moves so quickly we often feel as though we’re spinning.

So, if coasting is to…

❣️lean back and allow Grace to carry you forward with less striving

❣️take an expansive and grounding breath and enjoy the moment

❣️feel gratitude for all that you’ve accomplished

❣️become still and listen to the voice of your heart – than hell yeah, coast away!

Because if you can’t enjoy the juicy life that you’ve co-created, then why bother?

However, if coasting is to settle, then I say hell no to that my friend.

One thing you and I know for sure is that change is indeed inevitable, whether we like it or not. And change, while “not a problem to be solved” as a teacher of mine used to say, can still be challenging and difficult to navigate.

Change and self-improvement are not always synonymous. No doubt circumstances and the people in our lives will change at different passages. Yet, you and I may very well remain stuck. Or even take a step backwards.

Change happens whether we’re on board or not. And resistance only makes change feel harder.

Self-improvement, on the other hand, can also be challenging because it takes courage to look at places where we can use a wee bit more growth. Yet self-improvement results in more.

Not more stuff, more you. More of who you can become. More peace, more delight, more love.

This precious life is a gift after all. Why squander and treat it as if you can go online and order up another to be delivered by Prime, free delivery within 2-3 days?

So dear heart, where are you coasting because you feel stuck, resistant to change, not knowing where to begin the work, and lack of support?

Let’s start here.

Ask yourself, what aspect of my life am I desiring improvement and what do I want to create…

❓a stronger bond with my teenage/adult children/grandchildren

❓intimacy with my beloved

❓financial abundance so I can feel stable and give back to causes that matter to me

❓more happiness by owning my worth

❓a knowingness of what I truly value so I can stand for what I believe in

❓connection to my true essence to feel peace and freedom no matter what’s going on in the world

❓a masterpiece of my life and learn how to express myself creatively

❓access to spiritual practices that help me navigate this new landscape called life in uncertain times

My love, the ability to self-actualize takes willingness, commitment, and a strong desire to live your best life ever.

Basically, it takes courage to be a living legacy by being bold and brilliant and owning your badass self.

I know you might be thinking, “But it’s summer. No way do I want to commit to looking at my life or doing the work” as Byron Katie calls it.

And I say, it’s always a perfect time to do the work of becoming more of you.

Let me know if you choose to make this your time.

💖 With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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